The MVP Program was launched in 2016 to showcase and thank exceptional developers who are applying their expertise for growing, supporting, and nurturing the OutSystems Community.

It recognizes these valuable developers and introduces them to the OutSystems ecosystem of partners and customers as the elite developers in the market. The program also aims to empower these developers to unlock their potential and increase their expertise on the platform.

But what exactly is an OutSystems MVP (Most Valuable Professional)? And how do you become one? Let’s dive in.

What Does an MVP Look Like?

MVPs are exceptional developers whose expertise and contributions are recognized by the entire ecosystem, including customers, partners, and the OutSystems team. Among all the things they have to do in 24 hours, the MVPs still manage to find a few minutes in their days to share expertise, helping fellow developers in need and evangelize the power of the OutSystems platform.

Main characteristics of an outstanding MVP include:

Helpfulness/Generosity – They are involved at all levels and extend the OutSystems team beyond the company walls. They build and share apps and components for Forge, share their expertise through technical sessions, blogs, providing answers in the community, and more.

Advocacy – They are passionate about the OutSystems, inspiring, and motivating others to learn new skills and advance their careers. MVPs speak at user groups, universities, and other events. They also host user groups that grow their local OutSystems user communities.

Expertise – OutSystems MVPs push themselves to maintain a strong, current understanding of the OutSystems platform. They can have different flavors - IT professionals, business leaders, developers, executives, trainers, etc. But they keep their hands-on experience to support and mentor others to help them get the most out of OutSystems.

Get to know all our current MVPs here.

Being an MVP Has Its Perks

The MVP program is a vital part of the OutSystems community. To thank MVPs for all their hard work in transforming the Community into a library of knowledge and a place to share experiences, they are eligible for exclusive benefits. Having access to product teams is the most wanted perk of the program, but there are a few more goodies:

  • Free certification
  • Access to MVP Community group, via private Slack Workspace, where there is a direct line to key people from OutSystems product teams
  • Opportunities to participate in OutSystems sponsored events (developer events, universities, etc)
  • Invitations to speak at OutSystems hosted events
  • Early access to the OutSystems Platform roadmap and pre-released versions
  • Special logos and badges for your email signature, community profile, blog, and social networks.
  • Exclusive MVP swag (T-shirt, backpack, stickers, etc)

Want to Become an MVP? Take These Three Steps

1. Learn

Master your OutSystems development skills and gain significant experience working with the product, becoming a professional certified developer.

2. Be a Champion

Thrive on getting hands-on experience and plug into the community to support others. To be considered, you need to target for any of these achievements each quarter:

  • 2 speaking sessions
  • 2 blog posts
  • 2 new Forge components
  • 30 solutions in Forums

3. Get Noticed

You are a hands-on person with professional certification with 2 years of experience with OutSystems. You are also very active in the OutSystems community, you love sharing knowledge and resources with others. For sure you will get noticed for that and will be nominated. The nomination can come from an OutSystems employee, an MVP, or any other community member.

The Nomination, Review, and Award Process

Here is how the process works. Twice a year the OutSystems Community opens up nominations.

  1. The first round is collecting nominations from the community, so anyone can nominate someone that has made a difference to them, in line with the characteristics described above.
  2. After the nomination period, nominations are passed to the Community team and other OutSystems employees and to get feedback.
  3. Then MVPs are selected!

Nominations are closed for now. But if you have any questions, feel free to reach out to the OutSystems MVP Program team (