The OutSystems community, through the Community Response Program and on their own, has poured its heart and soul into building apps to help others in need. It’s clear to see the need to help others and impact their lives in meaningful ways (and how quickly teams have been able to launch these applications and get them into the hands that need them).

There’s something else we’ve noticed as well. Beyond just wanting to give back by building something, they’re also giving back by providing training and mentorship online.

Job loss worldwide has been immense, with over 20 million unemployed just in the US alone. We wanted to help people looking for a new job and career.

Get Your OutSystems Learn On

With more than 1,600 OutSystems jobs available right now on LinkedIn, it’s clear that these skills are in demand all around the world. We want to make sure you know all the ways to learn OutSystems and grow your skills so we’ve put together a list of resources (both free and paid) to help you get started. Whether you’re brand new to OutSystems or looking to level-up your skills, we got you covered (well, we, but mostly the community!).

Community Support & Mentoring

“New to OutSystems” Forum

This is a forum in the OutSystems community dedicated to helping folks as they’re just getting started with OutSystems and are looking for some guidance or help navigating the next step. Whether you’re looking to kick-start a new career, or just trying to learn without your coworker sitting next to you, the community is here to help!

OutSystems User Groups

The OutSystems User Groups are run by the community, for the community. They used to be in-person, but lucky for you, they’re all virtual right now. So you don’t have to sit around and wait for one to happen near you, you can join any of them. They are usually a couple of hours long and include one to two technical talks and open discussion. It’s a great way to learn and meet other community members. We have them popping up in a time-zone near you, you might as well take advantage!

OutSystems user groups online

Free Mentorship and Consulting - OutSystems MVP - Armando Gomes

This is an initiative from a freelancer and OutSystems MVP who has decided to help the community with free consultations during this time of need.

Free Practice Test for Certification (30 questions) - OutSystems MVP - Rafael Pereira

This is a practice test with sample questions for those that are just now studying for and/or getting prepared for the official OutSystems Associate Web Developer exam.

This was created by an OutSystems MVP, and the questions are based on the official certification documentation recommended by OutSystems. Plus, he’s created versions in both English and Portuguese.

To request your Sample Practice Test, follow the links below:

Training Content in Portuguese - OutSystems MVP, Rafael Pereira

This YouTube channel was created by an OutSystems MVP based in Brazil and has tons of  short training videos in Portuguese.

OutPower YouTube Tutorials

OutPower Tutorials are created by developers, for developers. This is a weekly video series to help you resolve technical questions in OutSystems. Subscribe to catch them each week, and review the previous videos to get excellent, straightforward content to help you get work done faster.

Forge Components

Forge is a repository of sample apps, open code modules, connectors, UI components, and more to help kick-start or enhance your app building. While some are built and maintained by OutSystems, most of them are created and managed by community members. Sometimes they’re inspired by great work from customers! Like the My Wellbeing app that will help your organization engage with their teams to keep track of their health/status during any emergency situation (inspired by STEMCELL in Vancouver, BC).

Online Training from OutSystems (Free)

OutSystems Guided Paths

This is a great place to get started! Take your pick out of 13 different guided paths for different skill levels and starting points. Perhaps you’re coming from a different development language (.NET devs start here) or technical field (hello Business Analysts and UX Designers!), it’s cool, we got you covered.

Project type templates

Hints and How-To Guides

Check out this forum to see hints, tips, how-tos, and short guides to help you get work done using the OutSystems platform. While most of these are created by OutSystems staff or MVPs, if we see a great post from the community, we’ll move it here!

Virtual Classrooms (Free and Paid)

OutSystems Low-Code School (Free)

This is a two-week *free* training course for non-OutSystems software developers who are interested in learning low-code and transitioning to OutSystems. Beyond training, you’ll also get networking opportunities with companies that are currently hiring OutSystems developers. (Heck, even OutSystems has hired people who trained at a Low-Code School!).

OutSystems Boot Camps (Paid)

An OutSystems Boot Camp is an intense hands-on 5-day training on which you’ll deep-dive into the core of developing OutSystems applications, alongside a small group of fellow OutSystems professionals. These Boot Camps are now running virtually, so, find a class that fits your timezone and join us!

These classes are run by one of the Certified Trainers from the OutSystems Global Training Partners. Having an instructor-led session is a privilege, in which having a dedicated expert on the spot will allow you to have all answers to your questions right away, and supporting you during your exercises and proposed challenges.

By the end of the week, a Certification exam will be available for you—it’s the culmination of what you’ve been preparing ever since... That first day of the training! Testing what you learned and becoming certified OutSystems professional, will differentiate you, making you more visible to employers worldwide that are growing their team of developers.

OutSystems Global Training Partners (Paid)

In addition to running the official OutSystems Boot Camps, our Global Training Partners also have their own training you can find through their sites. Check them all out:

Paid - OutSystems Certifications

Did you know we have two new certifications? Yep! Take a look at our new Professional Web Developer for OutSystems 11 and Associate Reactive Web Developer for OutSystems 11.

Associate Reactive Web Developer O11

This certification is aimed at web developers that are new to OutSystems, so there are no prerequisites.

What topics will you find on this new certification?

  • Reactive Web in OutSystems
  • Data Modeling
  • Fetching Data
  • Logic
  • UI Design
  • Architecture & Security

How can you get ready?

You can attend the Reactive Web Developer Boot Camp, a face-to-face group training experience of 5 days with one of our awesome trainers, or you can take the free online guided path, available anytime and anywhere.

Professional Web Developer O11

This certification is aimed at experienced OutSystems (traditional) web developers. To take the Professional Web Developer certification for OutSystems 11, you’ll need to be a certified Associate Web Developer for OutSystems 9, 10 or 11.

What topics will I find on this new certification?

  • Development Best Practices
  • Security
  • Architecture
  • Integrations
  • Asynchronous Processes

How can you get ready?

We have a 5-day course, the Advanced Developer Boot Camp, and also a bunch of online resources to help you get ready for the exam. You can find more information about how to study on the Professional Web Developer O11 exam detail sheet.

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