When a pandemic hits, we all must do our part. For some of us, that means staying home to protect ourselves and others. For others, it means going to the front line of the battle. At OutSystems, we knew we were part of the first group. But we wondered: is there anything else we can do to ease the burden on health professionals?

Moved by the energy of our global Community of developers and employees, OutSystems recently launched a COVID19 Community Response program designed to ease the hardships through what we do best: applications. As part of the program, OutSystems committed to help turn 20 ideas focused on solving a global problem into a reality, using our product and expertise.

  1. Vent2Life
  2. Todos por Um
  3. Plataforma de Gestão Integrada
  4. Aldeias com Rede
  5. Portugal #EntraEmCena
  6. +Próximo

Todos por Um

Todos Por Um App

Live: March 25

Development time: 1 week

What Does It Do: The monitoring of potentially infected people is crucial to avoid overloading hospitals. The role of the public health hotline is to support this process, but as the volume of income calls increases, it’s becoming more difficult to respond to all of them. Todos por Um connects people in isolation with doctors and nurses via chat, where they can ask questions, clarify concerns about their symptoms, and get advice if they’re infected. The app also allows patients to monitor the household’s diagnosis and receive general information and useful resources on how to deal with these difficult times through an AI-powered bot.

How Does It Work: Through Todos Por Um, patients can identify their symptoms, get diagnosed, and receive suggestions and advice from healthcare professionals faster.

Plataforma de Gestão Integrada

Plataforma de Gestão Integrada app

Live: April 3

Idea Name: Plataforma de Gestão Integrada

Development time: 10 days

What Does It Do: The goal of this new platform is to ensure that critical assets are available in the areas that need them the most. Municipalities in the Lisbon Metropolitan Area are using this marketplace to share products, equipment, and services quickly and effectively while optimizing their existing resources and improving collaboration between municipalities. At the moment, supplies such as alcohol, disinfectant, powder-free gloves, surgical masks, and goggles, are already being managed. Soon, it will be possible to manage other medical materials, food, vehicles, accommodation, among others.

How Does It Work: Each municipality can manage, catalog, and research all the products, equipment, and services they have to offer. They can also share implemented measures and reinforce or rescue their own stock. Municipalities can also request resources from neighboring cities with automatic alerts when such resources are made available.

Aldeias com Rede

Live: March 26

Idea Name: Aldeias com Rede

Development time: 48 hours

What Does It Do: Aldeias com Rede, or “Small Villages Network”, aims to help the most vulnerable population groups, namely the elderly and people with chronic diseases, get medicine and other essential goods through solidarity networks. This project is being piloted in Proença-a-Nova, Portugal, a region in Europe where the average age is 69. Local volunteers made the app available to municipality employees who can now use it to track daily requests.

How Does It Work: These vulnerable groups usually are info-excluded. So in each village, a representative of the population communicates their needs through the application. The municipality is then responsible for delivering the orders.

Portugal #EntraEmCena

App Portugal #EntraEmCena

Live: March 30

Idea Name: Portugal #EntraEmCena

Development time: 1 week

What Does It Do: COVID-19 took a toll on our daily lives, especially for those who rely on social events for their income. The goal of Portugal #EntraEmCena is to support cultural initiatives during these difficult times by connecting artists with investors and sponsors. Artists can use this marketplace to submit ideas to possible sponsors, while public and private companies can use it to launch challenges to develop new artistic projects. This platform was developed by our partners Code for All and Hi Interactive and was built with the support of the Portuguese Ministry of Culture, as well as some of the biggest corporate enterprises in the country.

How Does It Work: Artists can respond to challenges launched by companies and entities that are on the platform, or they can simply publish ideas and creations. In both cases, the artists are directly remunerated by the entities and companies that are on the platform and interested in their ideas and proposals.


+Próximo App

Live: April 21

Idea Name: +Próximo

Development time: 2 weeks

What Does It Do: +Próximo helps health professionals monitor patients in nursing homes and other institutions for elderly people. With the aid of oximeters to assess the oxygen saturation in the blood, health professionals can anticipate possible cases of respiratory infection. They can then classify users by the risk associated with their health status and recommend the most appropriate level of care. This app was developed by Create IT.

How Does It Work: The app collects data, on different scales, of the following symptoms: cough, fever, oxygenation, COPD, sore throat and muscle/headaches. Depending on the symptoms, health professionals and caretakers at these nursing homes and institutions can track elderly people’s health status, recommend the appropriate level of care, and also keep the data history to follow their evolution. 

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