The Holiday season is upon us once again! Last year, we took this opportunity to share all the gifts that Service Studio (our beloved development environment) had for our developers.

In 2018, we completely changed the way we work and collaborate with our developers — our customers — to better listen to their feedback and integrate it into the product. This has actually produced a high pace of new features and improvements that we have been sharing every quarter.

Now, after one year, it is time for another great set of Christmas gifts; I hope you like them!

Service Studio Beta

As promised, we want to work closely with you all. I’m proud to announce that we’ve just released our first Service Studio Beta version where any developer in the world can be an early adopter of new features and give us feedback on how to improve the product.

Please join us in building a better product — I’m counting on you!

Forge Integration (Beta)

Of course, the Beta version is a channel where we’ll deliver awesome stuff, first. So let’s kick off this version with a new Forge Integration in the application list that allows you to quickly update your Forge components. From now on, there are no excuses for keeping outdated components in your factory!

Item Picker on Web

Requested time and again by our community, the item picker in web application development is now the same as the one in mobile. Plus, you'll get this new experience every time you select a Static Record item, both in web and mobile.

New Screen Button in Destination Node Window

Now, whenever you’re dragging a destination node over an end node, you can use the new button to create a new screen and see it as the destination.

Confirm a Publication to Production Environment

It’s so easy to get carried away when you’re developing apps with OutSystems, right? That’s why we implemented a new window that asks you to confirm if you really want to publish a module to a production environment. You know, better be safe than sorry.

Reconnected Flows When Disabling Nodes

Flows are absolutely essential when you're building apps in OutSystems. And, you really don’t want to waste any time if you don’t have to. So we changed something to help you out. When you disable a node in a flow, the flow is automatically re-connected whenever possible.

Thanks a lot for all the feedback on this feature that helped us to further improve it!

Speed Creation of Static Records, Parameters, or Variables

Thinking of speed, when you select a static record, a parameter, or a variable, press Ctrl+N or right-click to create a new element that’s the same as the selected type. Then all you have to do is set up the element.

Export Resources to the Disk

To avoid repetitive actions, you can simultaneously export several resources to the disk.

Find Usages of Role Actions

Now you can see who in your factory is able to grant, check, or revoke permissions. Right-click the individual role actions and select Find Usages in all Modules. Yet another very useful feature inspired by a great idea from our community!

Accelerating Your Assignments Setup

Assignments have never been easier to set up. If the Assign has only one assignment, you can double-click it to open the expression editor. Otherwise, double-clicking it opens the Select Variable window.

Exceptions Sorted Alphabetically

The User and Role exceptions are now sorted alphabetically, inspired by another community idea. It’s the little things, right? They all combine to make a huge difference.

Rename Switch Conditions

It is now possible to quickly rename the label of a Switch condition by simply pressing F2.

A Full Year Inspired by Community

Of course, none of this would be possible without an incredible group of community developers constantly sharing their ideas and feedback on how to improve the product.

Next year, we will do even more and deliver even better!

Do you have any ideas or suggestions? Go to our ideas page and submit them! We are always listening.