The distance between concept and customer-ready applications has never been smaller. A nexus of forces, such as cloud development and other modern app development platforms, are reshaping what it means to be a software vendor. 

With these technologies, you don’t need to scour the planet for a team of world-class developers. Of course, it helps to have a deep bench of in-house talent, but it’s not a barrier to entry.

The only thing you need to become a disruptive software vendor is a disruptive idea. It’s both as simple and as complicated as that.

As a result, an entirely new species of ISV is emerging. These organizations put customer experiences front and center, and they have a profound understanding of their market. Put simply, they see a problem, and rather than sit on the sidelines, they leverage disruptive technologies to offer up solutions.

The New Breed of ISVs That’s Embracing Modern App Dev

In my last blog, I touched on the evolving landscape for ISVs and how the pace of innovation is prompting solution providers to embrace technologies like OutSystems. 

I’ve since been reflecting on the types of software vendors we’re seeing come to the platform. When I think about the vendors currently using OutSystems, one thing that strikes me is how unique and exciting their products are. These are true innovators. Problem solvers. Disrupters.

You might be surprised at just how broad our ecosystem really is when it comes to software vendors, so let me try to break it down. Roughly speaking, we have three core categories:

  • The B2C disruptor
  • The B2B SaaS value provider
  • The enterprise specialist

1. The B2C Disruptor

B2C Disruptor

Because the barrier to entry for application development has never been lower, we’re seeing a rapid uptake of OutSystems by independent B2C vendors who are leveraging the platform’s simplicity to bring applications directly to the market.

For example, one of our SaaS providers has built a referral network between wellness coaches and employees looking for support. A partner called Monimove is leveraging Blockchain and the OutSystems development platform to bring transparency and accountability across supply chains.

Problems, solutions. It’s a beautiful thing to watch.

2. The B2B SaaS Value Provider

B2B SaaS Vendor

This is without a doubt where we’re currently seeing the most activity, particularly in the wake of the pandemic. Changing business priorities are persuading enterprises to modify the way they procure software, and, as a result, they are exploring solutions outside of those provided by established SaaS vendors.

We’ve partnered with some incredible ISVs in this space who have identified highly targeted market needs and have successfully brought powerful and disruptive applications to market using OutSystems. For example, TimeSolv uses the OutSystems platform to offer a complete time tracking and billing solution for the legal profession. 

Another example is the insurtech, a company that provides an online sales platform for independent insurance agencies to connect with and leverage products and services from global insurance brands.

Another of our partners, Personal Group, provides a powerful employee services platform to some of the largest companies in the UK with all of the underlying infrastructure provided by OutSystems.

3. The Enterprise Specialists

Enterprise specialists

Finally, you have enterprise specialists. These folks provide software for highly regulated settings and so need to run fully isolated and dedicated environments for their clients. Once again, we’ve got them covered. A few examples of enterprise specialists include: 

  • Scientific Games that has developed GemIntelligence – a Sales and CRM platform for regulated Lotteries
  • Atos that uses OutSystems to deliver an asset management platform to the Royal Navies of Australia, New Zealand, Malaysia, and Oman. Obviously, this requires meeting some of the most stringent security requirements in the world.
  • And ISB, who’s re-platforming their Waste Management One platform on OutSystems, combining with SAP Hana and targeting the Waste, Recycling and Materials Management sector.

You Bring the Wine, We’ll Bring the Cheese

What do all of these ISVs have in common? The honest answer is – not very much. That is the beauty of the OutSystems platform. We can help you deliver, deploy, and maintain complex applications based on you and your customers’ needs.

From highly scalable B2C applications running on multi-tenancy right through to fully isolated deployments for government and health, we can help.

All you need to do is bring innovation – let us worry about everything else.

To learn more about OutSystems for ISV and MSP, visit this page.