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released every week during implementation phase
6 hours
to implement and deploy change requests
plug 3 integrations
with core systems to centralize flight information

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ANA enhances real-time communication and personnel mobility with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • ANA has a full staff of Operating Personnel, Informative Service Personnel and VIP Escort teams to manage airport operations. To address the impact of flight information changes, ANA needed an application that would ensure real-time information exchange across these teams;
  • Whenever a plane is either redirected to another gate or is delayed all teams need up-to-the-minute information to reschedule their tasks accordingly;
  • A push channel that proactively transmits flight changes is crucial to ensure this business critical information is available at all times;
  • All information for Flights and Airport Resources are managed by three different systems - UFIS, UtraDB and SGO.


The Solution:

  • OutSystems Platform has been integrated with UFIS, SGO and UltraDB operational systems, to collect flight information from 5 airports;
  • All flight data (such as gate changes, arrival times, delay status, etc.) is cached in OutSystems Platform repository to shield Operational Systems from having to service a high number of requests from different systems;
  • Two distinct interfaces have been created to reach all users: a Web interface when they are working in the office and an SMS interface when they go mobile;
  • Before going mobile, teams subscribe the desired Flights and Events, which will cause the system to automatically set-up an alert mechanism that sends SMS messages with all the relevant information changes;
  • An SMS interface can also be used to check the status of a flight or subscribe new flight information. 



  • The integration of OutSystems Platform with the existing operational systems is exposed by Web Services that can be easily re-used in new applications without additional development costs;
  • The local Flight/Resources repository shields the central systems from the load generated by all applications, allowing the creation of new applications with the same infrastructure, without degrading performance;
  • New requirements and usability suggestions from users were quickly reflected in the alert system. Every week a new version was deployed to users with an average of 6 hours to incorporate feedback into the application and make it available in a pre-production environment;
  • Web and SMS interfaces were implemented to ensure a critical mobility improvement;
  • Interfaces have been fine-tuned with user feedback to improve final adoption, and to increasingly automate work processes;
  • During the project ANA trained two resources (with no previous .NET nor mobile experience) to fully master the system. These resources are now able to perform software changes providing ANA with full control over the maintenance of the new system.


About ANA:

ANA’s business is divided into Aviation, Non-aviation and security activities. The Aviation business consists of the management of infrastructure for the traffic of passenger and cargo aircraft. The Non-aviation business encompasses activities such as the management of retail and advertising space, real estate, parking lots and rent-a-car facilities outside the airports. Security and PRM services, which are financed by dedicated charges, protect people and property against illicit acts and provide assistance to persons with reduced mobility.

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ANA Aeroportos


  • 1 new version was release every week;
  • Changes took on average 6 hours to develop and deploy to pre-production;
  • 2 distinct interfaces allows real time information for operation employees;
  • Use of webservices to expose the system allows the reuse of information in new systems with no additional development costs.


Project Card

Implemented by:


ANA Aeroportos


FIS (UFIS Airport Solutions), SGO (ANA's custom-made airport system) and UltraDB (Ultra Electronics Airport systems)

User Profiles:

ANA employees


Evaluation Criteria

  • Fast application releases;
  • Flexibility and easy implementation of changes to guarantee constant business alignment;
  • Simple, fast and reusable integration capability - Web Services exposure;
  • Support for customizable process workflows (both modeling and execution) as well as authentication and access control mechanisms
  • Resources can easily be trained in the technology and quickly become proficient.
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