3 weeks
time to implement and deploy fully integrated solution
users 1.4k users
distributed over 1,000
cost centers
12k items
available to users in product catalog for requisitions

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ANA streamlines materials requisition, improves business-IT-alignment in 3 weeks with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • Being the organization that manages and operates seven airports, the requisition process within ANA involved 1,400 employees nationwide, and a catalog of more than 12,000 stock items. This process had become unwieldy and inefficient; literally  generating tons of paper, involving error prone processes and requiring long manual approval cycles;
  • ANA wanted to automate the requisition process and streamline it for all employees over the intranet;
  • The intent was to reduce the overall time to request for materials, eliminate paper, and reduce manual errors;
  • Online access was required for all users to be able to create requisition orders directly from their workplaces, using intuitive tools which required little training;
  • A simple approval process needed to be in place to ensure that cost center managers would approve requisitions easily, quickly, and with little overhead;
  • The system had to integrate with SAP-MM which was being implemented in parallel and had to go live in only 3 weeks.


The Solution:

OutSystems Platform was used to create a centralized requisition management system which integrates with SAP-MM and supports the complete request-for-material process workflow:

  • The system has been integrated with SAP-MM to retrieve master data and trigger the creation of material requisitions and stock reservations. Integration with SAP was achieved by an asynchronous interface that periodically access master data and a real-time interface that directly triggers actions in SAP-MM;
  • Material requisitions are created by accessing the application through a standard web browser. The application’s front-end is available from within ANA's intranet portal and accessible to all employees;
  • As soon as a requisition is created, an email notification is sent to the employees that are responsible for the approvals in the associated cost centers. These email contains a direct link to the online requisition application for a faster access;
  • Once a requisition is approved, it becomes available to the Purchasing department for validation and, ultimately, for its creation in SAP-MM.



  • The integration of OutSystems Platform with SAP-MM is built with web services which can be easily reused by new applications, without additional development costs;
  • Only the Approver and Purchasing Controller profiles were formally trained. All other users fully mastered the application front-end without any training;
  • Thanks to the ease of change in OutSystems Platform, new requirements and usability suggestions from users were quickly reflected in the requisition management system. The target go-live date was achieved even when, in the last week of the project, a major change in the initial requirements forced the development team to make major architecture and design changes to the system;
  • Organizational information that was originally scattered is now centralized, complete and fully reusable by new applications and processes;
  • "This product is an amazing platform. It ensures that, as an IT organization, we stay 100% aligned with what business is trying to accomplish. Thus, in spite of unpredictable factors, we can deliver what we've promised." - Manuel Chaves Magalhães, ANA CIO


About ANA:

ANA’s business is divided into Aviation, Non-aviation and security activities. The Aviation business consists of the management of infrastructure for the traffic of passenger and cargo aircraft. The Non-aviation business encompasses activities such as the management of retail and advertising space, real estate, parking lots and rent-a-car facilities outside the airports. Security and PRM services, which are financed by dedicated charges, protect people and property against illicit acts and provide assistance to persons with reduced mobility.

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  • Time-to-market - 3 weeks;
  • System is available to 1,400 users, distributed over 1,000 cost centers;
  • Users create requisitions for up to 9 cost centers;
  • Integration with SAP-MM reusable by other applications without additional integration efforts;
  • Centralized and non-redundant data accessible to other applications;
  • No training required - users started using the solution from day one;
  • No paper flowing through the organization.


Project Card

Implemented by:



3 weeks


The system is fully integrated with SAP R/3, module MM. This integration is fully reusable by other applications without additional integration efforts.

User Profiles:

ANA employees; Approver; Purchasing Controller.


Evaluation Criteria

  • Fast time-to-market – Only 3 weeks available for target go-live date;
  • Simple, fast and reusable integration capability, specifically for SAP;
  • Support for customizable process workflows (both modeling and execution) as well as authentication and access control mechanisms;
  • Flexibility and ease of change to deal with unpredictable factors.
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