5 weeks
time to implement and
deliver the solution
versions 10 versions 
releases in the first week
of system tuning 
plug 4 integrations 
with central systems including SAP, AD and Documentum 

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Brisa creates centralized employee directory, cuts operating costs in 5 weeks with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • Due to the dispersed nature of the organization, one of the critical internal services Brisa needed was an Employee Directory that would be available to the whole organization;
  • Employees constantly need to interact with different teams and travel for headquarter meetings. Knowing who does what and where they are located, was therefore critical for Brisa;
  • Employee information was maintained by different entities, scattered around several systems using heterogeneous processes and interfaces;
  • There were no synchronization mechanisms available and no centralized access point for all employee data, forcing employees to use a manually generated, usually outdated and incomplete phone list.


The Solution:

With OutSystems Platform, Brisa was able to integrate several heterogeneous systems, export back-office web interfaces to collect data in a centralized way, and export Web, WAP and SMS user interfaces to query and access real-time data anywhere, anytime.

  • The Employee Directory System has been integrated with 4 central systems which store and manage employee data;
  • An online back-office has been created to centrally input employee information which is then synchronized with all required central systems;
  • Real-time data is now available to employees who can query information about colleagues;
  • The Employee Directory Service delivers several interfaces to reach all employees:
    • Employees can query by sending an SMS message request (with a portion of the name of the person or the business title, for example).
    • Web and WAP interfaces have also been created to provide a richer set of browsing and search functionalities.



  • Integrations are fully reusable, decreasing investment and allowing faster time-to-market for new applications;
  • Employees can now access complete real-time information anywhere through Web, WAP and SMS interfaces;
  • Web, WAP and SMS interfaces make use of the same business logic, dramatically reducing development costs;
  • 5 week development project that didn't impact existing systems. In fact it actually reduced the total cost of operation, taking advantage of the already existing platform and out-of-the-box management capabilities;
  • During 1 week of tuning, 10 new versions were put in production to reach the adopted version


About Brisa:

Brisa is a toll motorway concessionaire, operating a network of over 1000 Km in Portugal. Brisa is listed in the Euronext 100 Index and the Dow Jones Sustainability Index STOXX, holding participations in the market leaders in Brazil, Spain and Italy. Brisa was recently ranked by FORBES Magazine as one of the "World 250 Best Companies under $1 Billion Market Cap".

Visit Brisa website




  • Time-to-market - 5 weeks;
  • Integrated with 4 central systems;
  • Integrations are fully reusable;
  • 10 new versions released in 1 week of tuning;
  • Employees can now access real-time information anywhere.


Project Card

Implemented by:



5 weeks


SAP; Documentum; Active Directory and a Geographical Information System.

User Profiles:

Brisa employees (close to 2,000)


Evaluation Criteria

  • Fast development;
  • Fast integration with existing systems;
  • Low developing costs through different interfaces;
  • High flexibility to incorporate new requirements and process changes to guarantee constant business alignment.
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