cal 6 weeks
to implement and deliver the complete solution
clock 4 hours
to release a change request
in production
users 5,000 users
with access to the system and close to 100% adoption rate

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EDP Group develops a Web business application to help increase the productivity of the facility management process, with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • Employees contacted the Facilities organization to notify the occurrence of problems with equipment (air conditioners, elevators, lighting and office appliances). This process was done by phone or e-mail, in an unstructured way;
  • The organization couldn't track requests, and required heavy manual work to generate reports with information on the number and type of requests, to analyze service level agreements (SLA) compliance;
  • There was no automatic process of notifying facilities managers when they were not at their desk; 
  • Problem resolution was delayed, causing further employee frustration and productivity loss.


The Solution:

Using OutSystems Platform, EDP deployed a web business application that centralizes all requests under the same system, providing immediate access of up-to-date information to the whole organization and generating a set of information which is critical for effective follow-up and reporting:

  • A Self-Service Web interface is available to all employees to submit issues online;
  • A central system records and manages all issues reported by employees;
  • Automatic Emails are generated, with direct links to issues for status tracking and follow-up or problem resolution;
  • Centralized up-to-date information with automatic generation of reports on SLA's compliance and other key performance indicators. 



  • Centralized data with process automation, and available anytime and anywhere have been key to the success of EDP investment;
  • Complete and centralized issue management system accessible to the whole organization;
  • Automation of business processes allows to have a tool that holds all process information, available to all employees at all times through several tailored interfaces;
  • User feedback and requirement changes reflected weekly, in a new application version, with an average of 4 hours per change request;
  • Reduction of operational costs and time.

About EDP:

EDP-Energias de Portugal, S.A. engages in the generation, transmission, and distribution of electricity, as well as in the provision of telecommunications and information technology services primarily in Portugal and Spain. It generates electricity for consumption in both the public electricity system and the independent electricity system. The company also distributes natural gas. In addition, the company provides fixed line telecommunications services, including voice and data services to corporate and residential clients in Portugal and Spain; and Internet access through asynchronous digital subscriber lines.

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  • Time-to-market - 6 weeks;
  • Adoption rates close to 100%;
  • 6 versions in production in 6 weeks;
  • 4 hours to release a change request;
  • Decrease problem resolution timeline;
  • Automatic generation of reports and KPI's.
  • Used company-wide, thanks to the simple web based user interfaces, available anywhere-anytime;


Project Card

Implemented by:



6 weeks

User Profiles:

Facilities Managers; Employees


Evaluation Criteria

  • Flexible, easy-to-change and adaptable to global requirements;
  • User-friendly interfaces to reduce training needs and increase adoption;
  • Fast development and low maintenance costs.
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