22 weeks
time to deliver a fully customized solution
chart 12% less 
time needed for the “Book
To Diagnostic” process
15% less
time needed for the complete billing process

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IMI reinvents its healthcare information management system in 22 weeks using OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

IMI – Imagens Médicas Integradas – is a top leading provider of diagnostic imaging services performed through a network of 9 clinics/imaging centers. IMI needed to replace their healthcare management system (a software package) to address the following challenges:
  • Centralized, optimal Call Center operation - due to a lack of flexibility to optimize the specific needs of IMI in terms of business rules and workflow automation it used to take 1 month to train a resource to be able to schedule appointments. The new system had to support full automation and minimize the need to learn basic business rules, coding schemes, etc;
  • Streamlined scheduling across multiple centers – it was difficult and time consuming for the call center resources to support a patient who needed to book multiple exams. The new system should support complex scheduling of exams and rooms across different clinics in order to provide the patient with optimal scheduling;
  • Support expansion into the new market of outsourcing imaging services from hospitals - the new system had to support integration with hospitals' processes and IT systems;
  • High scalability - in order to face a growing market with more exams, more clinics, and more health care entities;
  • Simplified integration ability – to support the growing market, integrations with third party health care systems had to be streamlined;
  • Flexible, complete analytics on company operations - in order to support their strategic growth and interactive business model, IMI also needed access to business metrics and analysis to help make investment decisions by optimizing the types of exams to offer and overall use of examination rooms;
  • Future-proof – the new system needed to support planned as well as any unforeseen business directions for the next years.


The Solution:

IMI decided to build a custom end-to-end healthcare management system using OutSystems Platform. The new Radiology Information System (RIS) - is a web-based application that manages all activities related to a medical imaging business, including:

  • Schedule management - assignment of physicians per exam type based on availability;
  • Call Center - provides a centralized view of all clinics and room availability to optimize exam scheduling. Automate the scheduling process to assure availability of equipment, physicians and rooms;
  • Appointment management - including automatic SMS notifications for exam appointments;
  • Reception desk check-in - support for all document information and workflow backlog;
  • Exam workflow - for physician assistants and physicians;
  • Unified Physician User Interface - meshing the consultation of medical images via the Kodak Carestream PACS and a collection of diagnostic data via the application Web 2.0 interface;
  • Billing and accounting processes - support for an end-to-end billing process that involves both the patient and health care entities (e.g. insurance companies) and payments to IMI, based on existing agreements;
  • Delivery of exam reports - Includes dictation and transcription of exams, medical review by the responsible physician and production of the final report;
  • Human resources - commissions and schedule management for physicians and technicians;
  • Analytical Dashboards - provide information to improve business performance including graphs that show room occupancy, most requested exams, etc;
  • Integration with third party Healthcare Systems using multiple technologies including: the HL7 protocol, web services and in some instances direct integrations with external databases. 



  • IMI replaced its existing client server application in only 22 weeks;
  • One system to manage and support a centralized call center and all the activities of 9 imaging centers with over 60 exam rooms.  12% efficiency improvement in exam workflows;
  • Back office support for agreements with more than 703 entities and the billing and accounting processes spanning patients, doctors and insurers with 15% reduction in billing time;
  • New resources can be trained to perform the complete scheduling process in days;
  • Improved Call Center service levels – increase of the number of calls and exams that IMI is now able to serve;
  • Simplified integration with suppliers and other health care entities. 11% reduction on operational errors;
  • 10% improvement in the reception desk check-in process;
  • 99% up-time – OutSystems Platform supports easy system administration and control;
  • This new application allows IMI to easily enter new markets, such as managing the radiology services of public hospitals, without losing control over any of the process steps.


About IMI:

IMI provides radiology services to multiple clinics that belong to 8 different organizations. IMI performs exams of different types: X-ray, CAT scan, Ultrasound, Mammography, Osteodensitometry, MRI scan, TeleRadiology, among others and works with more than 500 Portuguese health related entities such as ARS, ADSE, MEDIS, AdvanceCare, MultiCare, and the army. In 2008 IMI started working directly in public hospitals managing the radiology service of the “Hospital Litoral Alentejano”.

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  • Time-to-market – 22 weeks;
  • 2 days to train a call center agent instead of 1month;
  • 12% time reduction in “Book To Diagnostic” end-to-end process;
  • 10% improvement in the reception desk check-in process;
  • 10% increase in scheduled exams;
  • Easy integration with third party health care systems;
  • High scalability:
    • Centralized call center that deals with over 60 rooms spread in 9 clinics;
    • Full support for billing and accounting processes involving 703 entities.
  • 15% reduction on the billing time;
  • 11% reduction on operational errors;
  • 99% up-time;
  • 1 week to change a business or workflow rule. 


Project Card

Implemented by:



22 weeks


3rd Party Health Care Systems including Radio and Sonho

User Profiles:

Administrative Call Center operators, Assistant; Physician; Account; HR; Management


Scheduling; Call Center, Reception desk, Billing, Accounting, HR, Imaging, Imagiology workflow, Physicians, Dashboards, and SMS


Evaluation Criteria

Top Criteria:

  • Time to market;
  • Simplified user interface and automation of business rules to reduce training time and improve SLAs;
  • Scalable architecture to support the growing market and number of entities with agreements with IMI;
  • Integration  with third party Health Care Systems using the HL7 protocol;
  • Centralized call center with single interface and optimized scheduling processes;
  • Automated support for the complete billing and accounting process. 


Other Alternatives:

  • Customization of Healthcare Package Application.


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