cal 10 weeks
to build and deliver a
custom CRM solution 
change 2 days 
to release a new version
with improvements 
bolt 100%
mobility anytime anywhere
using blackberry devices 

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IPSEN deploys a custom-built biotech CRM in 10 weeks with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • IPSEN, a biotech company affiliate of the Ipsen Group, needed a CRM system fully tailored to their specific needs that had to be extremely easy to use and aligned with their specialized business processes;
  • IPSEN had entered a phase of rapid growth and needed a specialized CRM system to support the company's interaction processes between the sales team and their two target audiences: the physicians' community and insurance companies. Sales representatives needed access to the central system to obtain and register information. Their geographic dispersion and the nature of their activity required this access to be available when out of the office;
  • Buying a package was not a good option as biopharmaceutical products, due to their nature, are commercialized in a very unique way. The technical information exchange, the regulatory compliance and the prescription & consuming process demanded very specific solutions from IPSEN's IT.


The Solution:

IPSEN decided to build a custom solution using agile methodologies and OutSystems Platform. Within 10 weeks they were able to deliver a custom CRM system, focused around their physician and insurance relationship management needs that made them as efficient as any large multi-national pharmaceutical company:

  • Physician relationship management
    • Sales representatives can access and upload information remotely, from their blackberries;
    • Workflow for approving changes to physicians' personal information;
    • Information regarding physicians can be grouped by region or sales representative;
    • Sales representatives can add reminders to help them manage their daily tasks and contacts. This feature includes email notification to ensure full tracking of every activity;
    • Communication is simplified by the sales force generic message handling. It is possible to choose groups of recipients for a certain message, ensuring that everyone involved receives the necessary information.
  • Insurance Relationship Management
    • Information regarding the coverage policy of each insurance company;
    • The information related to the insurance companies and their plan policy can be aggregated by region or account manager;
    • Event registration for all interactions, including automatic email tracking capabilities and contact information;
    • Customizable ToDo's for each account, with email notifications;
    • Pre-determined surveys are available to all account managers, to simplify their contacts with the insurance companies. The system keeps a record of all surveys and manages the evolving results. This enables account managers and sales coordinators to have a quick overview of each account's evolution;
    • All contacts and appointments are downloadable to Microsoft Outlook.



  • All data regarding Physicians and Insurance Companies is stored and managed centrally in the system, with one single entry point;
  • Being highly customized, IPSEN's CRM system makes the company as efficient as any large multi-national pharmaceutical company;
  • Regional and National sales coordinators have a full overview of the activities performed by the team under their supervision. Information about the daily work can be obtained easily, whether per region or per employee. Sales representatives are connected to the system via blackberry, making it available anywhere and at any time, thus providing a valuable mobile capability;
  • "After providing OutSystems with a set of requirements for our CRM system, they were able to build and demonstrate a working prototype in a few days. The ability to quickly make changes meant we had the system in production in weeks, not months. The result was a fantastic product that met our business needs, was extremely easy to use and quickly deployed to our sales force. We'll definitely use OutSystems again.” - IPSEN IT Vice-President.


About IPSEN:

IPSEN is a biopharmaceutical company committed to improving endocrine health. IPSEN is helping patients by partnering with the endocrine community to develop and commercialize new therapeutics for short stature and associated metabolic disorders. Its first approved product is Increlex. In 17 October 2008, IPSEN became an affiliate of the Ipsen Group, an innovation-driven international specialty pharmaceutical group with over 20 products on the market and a total worldwide staff of nearly 4,000.

Visit IPSEN website




  • Time-to-market - 10 weeks;
  • Centralized system with one single entry point;
  • Flexibility to adapt to an evolving business process;
  • Increased efficiency  - very easy to use;
  • 100% system mobility - access anytime anywhere from a blackberry;
  • Real time access to daily activities of a sales team, grouped per criteria;
  • Fast Change - 2 days to release improvements. 


Project Card

Implemented by:



10 weeks


MS Active Directory; Outlook; Case Report System

User Profiles:

Sales Representative; Sales Coordinator; Account Manager; Executive Management


Physician Relationship Management; Insurance Relationship Management; KPI Dashboards


Evaluation Criteria

Top Criteria:

  • Highly customizable CRM to adapt to the specific business needs;
  • Extremely easy-to-use;
  • Fast time-to-market;
  • High flexibility to face changes. 


Other Alternatives:

  • Multiple on-premise and SaaS CRM offerings.
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