4 weeks
time to deliver a fully customized solution
users 4 profiles 
of end-users covered with enterprise wide workflows
plug 2 systems
integrated including a SaaS
and an on-premise package

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IPSEN deploys project time tracking system in 4 weeks with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

IPSEN, a biopharmaceutical company, needed a company-wide project time tracking system with the following requirements:
  • Having a system operational as soon as possible to allow IPSEN to have better visibility and to better control their project costs;
  • Any new system had to be fully integrated with Microsoft Dynamics and ADP Payroll;
  • An alternative was needed to any in-house development which would have required a huge investment in IT resources with a timeline that would not satisfy business demand.


The Solution:

IPSEN selected OutSystems Platform due to its rapid deployment capabilities, robust change features and smooth integration with existing systems. The new system provides online timesheets where all project participants can record and validate the time they spend. The system offers the following modules and capabilities:

  • Approval Interface - provides direct supervisors with a global overview of each employee’s activity and the progress of each specific project;
  • Automatic email notifications - remind employees of timesheet submission, as well as approval;
  • Online monthly reports – per project and per employee;
  • Integration with Microsoft Dynamics -  automatically accrues costs to each of the clinical projects that are in progress;
  • Integration with ADP - the outsourced SaaS payroll system ensures that the appropriate employee salary can be tied to specific tasks, providing accurate costing of employee time per task and/or project. 



  • Fast and on-time delivery of the system, in just 4 weeks;
  • Real-time and up-to-date information regarding project costs and execution is now available due to the simplification of the whole time reporting process;
  • Valuable financial information now provides full control over ongoing projects and simplifies the evaluation, planning and forecasting of new projects;
  • A simplified and enhanced reporting process provides Controllers with accurate information about the exact costs and human capital allocated to projects. 


About IPSEN:

IPSEN is a biopharmaceutical company committed to improving endocrine health. IPSEN is helping patients by partnering with the endocrine community to develop and commercialize new therapeutics for short stature and associated metabolic disorders. Its first approved product is Increlex. In 17 October 2008, IPSEN became an affiliate of the Ipsen Group, an innovation-driven international specialty pharmaceutical group with over 20 products on the market and a total worldwide staff of nearly 4,000.

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  • Time-to-market - 4 weeks;
  • Integration to Microsoft Dynamics and ADP Payroll;
  • Multiple profiles with unique secure access and workflow implemented;
  • Multiple modules provide wide array of functionality;
  • Detailed monthly reports generated per project and per employee;
  • Small training effort;
  • Ubiquitous company-wide use due to intuitive user interfaces. 


Project Card

Implemented by:



30 days


Microsoft Dynamics; ADP Payroll

User Profiles:

Time Reporting User, Supervisor, Controller and Administrator


Timesheets; Approval interface; Reports; Integrations


Evaluation Criteria

  • Fit-to-purpose solution that would implement existing project tracking procedures already validated by IPSEN;
  • Aggressive timeline in order to benefit from operating efficiencies as soon as possible;
  • Rapid, incremental development;
  • Fast, smooth integration with 3rd party systems. 
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