30 weeks
from project start to delivery of final version to end-users 
3 weeks 
to launch a new release of the solution to end-users 
line-chart 32% reduction
of projected labor, and an efficiency increase of 46%

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MAIN Energie breaks into a new marketplace in 30 weeks using OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • MAIN Energie, a traditional energy provider for the B2B Dutch market wanted to enter the commercial real estate energy submarket, and needed an innovative CRM and Billing solution;
  • MAIN Energie’s proprietary CRM system needed to be replaced since it was starting to show its limitations. It could not cope with the customer growth and it didn't have the required flexibility to address the new market requirements. An increasing number of processes were being handled in spreadsheets with a lot of errors and, consequently, inaccurate views on customer status;
  • There was no standard package solution available to address this challenge;
  • Developing a new application in-house using traditional methodologies and technologies was not an option for MAIN Energie who did not have an IT organization and could not cope with the lack of visibility and limited agility of a traditional waterfall project approach;
  • In a nutshell, MAIN Energie wanted a CRM and Billing system that could:
    • Meet growing and evolving customer demand;
    • Quickly respond to external regulatory changes;
    • Ensure fast time-to-market of new application functionality;
    • Constantly evolve with more automation and efficiency curbing staff growth;
    • High levels of application up-time and robustness.


The Solution:

MAIN Energie selected OutSystems Platform to quickly build a custom solution that could leverage MAIN Energie’s existent knowledge and experience. The following functionalities were implemented:

  • Energy Brokerage services;
  • Energy Portfolio Management reporting;
  • Energy Forecasting of Supply and Demand;
  • CRM and Contract Management targeted at the commercial real estate market:
    • Implemented a fit to purpose customer contractual hierarchy to map the real estate business;
    • Automated the process for contract renewal;
    • Streamlined the validation and import of self-service supply contract application forms;
    • Automated the relevant interface processes with the Dutch Energy Clearing House (EDSN);
    • Automated document generation and template management (letters, contracts, and notifications to customers).
  • Energy Supply and Broker Billing:
    • Supported scheduled annual settlements to use customer’s meter readings when none are available from the metering entities;
    • Allowed for non-monthly payment installments;
    • Processed and validated metering data imported from the regulator;
    • Processed all costs and taxes for each customer, according to their current billing status;
    • Generated invoices per connection or account according to customer agreements;
    • Managed the invoice process and exception workflows with “To do” lists and dashboards covering all possible situations and tasks towards the invoicing of all energy connections;
    • Multiple billing reports including “Invoiced” vs. “Expected” vs. “Purchased” energy volume reports, to control and validate billing results.
  • Integration with Dutch Energy Market Entities and Regulators:
    • EDSN;
    • Smart Metering;
    • ClieOp (direct debit payment standard).



  • 32% reduction of projected labor for 2008 due to the system added efficiencies. An increase in staff of only 20% supported a 75% revenue growth;
  • 46% efficiency increase of manual labor handling contracts and tariff renewals;
  • One real-time view of customer data for all customer services representatives. Error free billing and accurate customer status;
  • The MAIN Energie application portfolio is now updated every 3 weeks. This evolutionary maintenance approach supports continuous business alignment, and therefore increased business value and performance.


About MAIN Energie:

MAIN Energie is a Dutch energy provider whose core business had traditionally been the B2B real estate market until 2003, when they’ve made the strategic decision to enter the very competitive utility market supplying gas and electricity to the commercial real estate submarket. The MAIN Energie strategy was to develop and deliver an innovative software solution to address the complexities of serving this submarket. In addition they wanted to deliver a solution which could support a growing customer base without requiring the addition of a large number of staff.

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Main Energie


  • New releases every 3 weeks;
  • Time-to-market - 30 weeks;
  • 32% labor reduction - 20% staff growth to support a 75% revenue growth in 2008;
  • Error-free billing and reporting to customers.


Project Card

Implemented by:



Approximately 30 weeks per major release


EDSN (Dutch Energy Clearing House); Custom Contract Management System; Custom Financial System; ClieOp (Direct debit tool for Equens, a banking clearing-house)

User Profiles:

Administrator; Data Manager; Operational User


Energy CRM; Energy Supply Billing; Energy Broker Billing; Energy Portfolio Management reporting; Energy Forecasting


Evaluation Criteria

Top Criteria:

  • Strong technical support for the rapid growth of the customer base;
  • Fast time-to-market;
  • High Flexibility to face changes.


Other Alternatives:

  • In-house development;
  • Customization of the SAP-ISU package;
  • Customization of Excelergy (Brinvest) package.


Agility Award winner

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