6 weeks
to implement and release the complete solution
plug 346,000 
grid connections being centrally managed 
gear 2 integrations 
with existing systems
from external entities 

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Oxxio achieves greater automation and flexibility, lowers operational costs in the energy market with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • The liberalization of the gas market in the Netherlands is at a maturing stage with ongoing changes that directly impact the local regulations and operations of distribution companies;
  • Currently, the gas retail market is balanced and paid for on a daily basis. However, since most gas meters are not read every day, the market parties need to define estimates of consumption. Inevitably, there will be variances between the estimation and the actual consumption at each gas delivery point. Gas reconciliation is the means by which actual consumption is reconciled to estimated consumption, and financial settlements between market parties are determined;
  • To support this process, high volumes of information need to be exchanged between all market parties and the regulating authorities. In the Netherlands, this process requires the transfer, aggregation, and analysis of all gas distribution data for the past 17 months. Such amount of data and complexity of calculations make it impossible to manage the process manually. On the other hand, in such an evolving market, solutions need to be quickly adapted to new processes and regulations;
  • In order to achieve a high level of automation and control, Oxxio needed a solution to support the whole gas reconciliation process and was looking at available alternatives that could ensure the right level of functionality to respond to current needs, and the flexibility to adapt to future changes. 


The Solution:

After careful evaluation of the available options, Oxxio selected OutSystems Platform to deploy a fully tailored Gas Reconciliation web business application, which provides a rich set of functionalities that include:

  • Automatic Message Exchange and Processing - All data reported by the regulator and meter companies is automatically collected and aggregated by the solution. The data management was highly optimized to reduce the size of the resulting databases by an order of magnitude;
  • Gas Connection Registry - The solution provides a complete registry for all gas connections, including input and output network connections, and customer switch-in and switch-out, which is used to support the reconciliation calculations. Additionally, the connection registry also ensures master data alignment between the distributor and other market parties;
  • Reconciliation Calculation - The solution implements the reconciliation steps one at the time with a monitoring dashboard that allows users to follow each phase of the process. Since the reconciliation calculation is a heavy and complex computation of different data sources, this approach provides a clear understanding of each of the calculation steps and progress, as well as constant feedback and control over it;
  • Drill-Down Reporting - Reconciled information is made available at different levels of aggregation, and users can drill down from a network area to a specific connection and time period. At all stages, users can compare the calculated and reported figures side-by-side, and immediately identify deviations that need to be further analyzed or reported back to the regulator to challenge the reported reconciliation values when needed.



  • Increase productivity - Oxxio achieved a high level of automation and control with a clear reduction of the operational costs;
  • Accelerate time-to-market - The solution was fully customized using OutSystems Platform to address Oxxio's specific business requirements, and deployed in just 6 weeks;
  • Achieve Competitive Edge - Oxxio has become one of the first gas suppliers in the Netherlands with a reconciliation solution. The company is now able to perform the whole reconciliation process automatically, and is able to quickly communicate any mismatch to the regulator to avoid financial settlements;
  • Support existing processes - The solution was adapted to gather data from several existing systems without any changes to the established processes. This allows Oxxio to leverage previous investments, and minimize the impact of introducing a new solution in the day-to-day operations.


About Oxxio:

Oxxio is a Dutch utilities company that focuses on the consumer, SME and Enterprise markets. With over one million customers Oxxio is the fourth largest energy provider in The Netherlands. The company was founded in 2000 and is a division of Centrina plc, which includes British Gas and Centrina Energy in the UK, DYNO and Luminus in Belgium, Luseo in Spain and Direct Energy, CPL and WTU in the United States.

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  • Time-to-market - 6 weeks;
  • 346,000 grid connections;
  • Over 250Gb of data reconciled after optimization of a 48 TeraByte Database;
  • Reused existing systems, leveraging previous investments.


Project Card

Implemented by:



6 weeks


External File System; Gaskermit Database.


Data Management; Connection Registry; Reconciliation Calculation; Reporting.


Evaluation Criteria

  • Fast application releases;
  • Flexibility and easy implementation of changes to guarantee constant business alignment;
  • Scalability (ability to progressively enlarge project scope);
  • Ability to easily integrate with specific and closed legacy systems.
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