6 weeks
to deliver first version
to business users 
chart 50% better
data management process 
chart 70% faster 
turnaround time to deliver change requests 

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Biopharma startup XDx boosts productivity and enhances research in only six weeks with OutSystems Platform

The Challenge:

  • XDx, a cutting-edge biopharma startup infused in discovery and grounded in scientific compliance, needed a new business application to track and analyze the diagnostic tests required in clinical studies;
  • The development of the new application needed to be both rapid and flexible since XDx’s fast-moving and competitive business relies heavily on their information technology solutions.  In fact, what they needed was an efficient “software factory”;
  • The free edition of OutSystems Platform simplified the evaluation and training stages, allowing the entire project team to master the technology quickly - “People need to try it out; that leaves a big impression. To have that available helped get over a fairly big hurdle,” said Stefan Meier, Associate Director of Software Development in XDx Information Sciences Department. It took three weeks total to learn and get certified on OutSystems Platform.


The Solution:

  • OutSystems Platform proved to be highly satisfactory for XDx goals;
  • The ARMS - Analysis Request Management System implements a workflow engine that tracks state information for different types of physical objects;
  • For each study, an object type and result data structure is defined and objects and results are tracked by the application;
  • Centralized reporting provides consistent data views;
  • The application also introduces reusable services like enterprise-wide unique identifiers
  • The ARMS - Analysis Request Management System:
    • Automates the process of tracking clinical trial samples and pathology requests from a variety of sources – keeps track of the specimen available for analysis, requested from various centers, sent out to various experts for analysis, and returned to the various centers, as well as the returned result(s);
    • Supports continuous application change using OutSystems’ Embedded Change Technology (ECT);
    • Replaces a manual excel-based process;
    • Provides full auditing and reporting capabilities across all data gathered;
    • Centralizes and control information. 



  • This application enables XDx to analyze the data in the context of related clinical data, extracting metrics of process performance and capturing essential data for the clinical studies – replacing the previous excel-driven and manually intensive process, thereby increasing XDx ability to accurately study clinical data in a timely manner;
  • Aligning Business with IT:
    • At XDx the road is short between business and software needs; however, continuous alignment is made possible with OutSystems’ Agile methodology and platform. The company culture and its deep experience in managing application development supported the team’s efforts to define and implement new agile processes within the XDx Information Sciences department;
    • Business users reported their appreciation, and user satisfaction has increased because of quick turnaround times. According to Scheel, XDx represents an ideal sandbox for agile methodology. Scheel’s team has direct access to users and receives feedback on a daily basis, often working with requirements that are incomplete or are changing. Speed in development time has led to greater user satisfaction. “It’s not about if Agile is better, but for our users, our size, and our business it’s a wonderful solution. Agile methodology means asking users to dive in – everyone has to let go and trust that the process is going to work”. 
  • Speed and Time-to-Market:
    • Ultimately, XDx chose the full OutSystems Platform because of its integration capability, speed of deployment and ability to rapidly change applications based on user feedback;
    • XDx found that OutSystems Platform is not only fast, it is easy to use. By the project kick-off, everyone in XDx software team working on the project was trained and certified on OutSystems Platform. Their total learning time was about three weeks;
    • After the success of Phase I Trial, XDx continued to use OutSystems Platform as part of their “software factory” to create new custom applications;
  • "Using OutSystems Platform resulted in the fastest application development project ever delivered by the company. It helped us introduce our team to the concepts of Agile and we have continued to build on this success – becoming an agile software factory building new functionality and applications with the Agile method.” - Stefen Meier, XDx, Inc Associate Director of Software Development in the Information Sciences Department.


About XDx:

Founded in 2000, XDx, Inc. is a molecular diagnostics company based in Brisbane, CA, USA. XDx applies modern genomics technologies to the development of molecular diagnostic assays that translate a patient's immune status into clinically actionable information. XDx has one marketed product, AlloMap® Molecular Expression Testing, and other products under development. The proprietary molecular expression technology used by XDx to develop AlloMap testing for heart transplant patient management may be applicable to the post-transplant management of recipients of other organs. The application of gene expression testing to other diseases that involve the activity of the immune system, such as autoimmune and chronic inflammatory diseases, is also being explored.

Visit XDx website




  • Time-to-market - 6 weeks including 1 week of fine-tuning;
  • High improvement of real-time data consistency;
  • 95 % reduction of manual tracking errors;
  • 50% improvement of the data management processes;
  • High user satisfaction due to 70% reduction on turnaround time;
  • 2 weeks to deliver a module for each new research study;
  • 3 weeks of training made XDx resources proficient and certified in the Agile Platform.


Project Card

Implemented by:




6 weeks

User Profiles:

Global Administrator, Administrator, Operational User, Read-only User.


Core Data Services; Object Manager (1 per study); Object Batch Manager; Analysis Request Manager; Detail Reporting; Aggregate Reporting.


Evaluation Criteria

Top Criteria:

  • Integration with existing applications;
  • Re-use of software components;
  • Speed and agility of development and application tuning;
  • Ease of maintenance/change;
  • Support for customizable process work flows as well as authentication and access control mechanisms. 


Other Alternatives:

  • Microsoft .NET;
  • PHP;
  • Open source Java platform.
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