3. Infusing AI in your applications

Not only is the OutSystems platform infused with AI, but it also offers developers the opportunity to add artificial intelligence to the applications they build. Below are just some example use cases of what OutSystems customers are currently building in terms of AI-powered applications.

use cases of apps built with ai

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Addressing the barriers of adding artificial intelligence to applications

The potential for using AI automation to streamline operations such as expediting form completion or automating workflow segments is vast. However, some businesses are still unable to fully leverage these capabilities due to a few key limitations, mainly because they require resources that have AI expertise. Additionally, adapting existing applications to incorporate AI functions can pose a considerable challenge for most organizations, as can multiple datasets that impact the relevance, quality, and accuracy of artificial intelligence responses.

The OutSystems low-code platform can help address these obstacles. It provides a seamless path to using AI for automation and building applications infused with artificial intelligence. Plus, the platform simplifies the process of modifying applications to add AI capabilities. OutSystems and its Forge repository offer prebuilt use cases and connectors so that customers can easily enhance their existing applications with AI capabilities.

Last but not least, OutSystems offers a range of connectors that seamlessly integrate with state-of-the-art artificial intelligence models (a full list of AI and Machine Learning connectors is available in the Forge). And the platform provides a centralized location for aggregating and utilizing diverse datasets, facilitating their effective utilization in AI scenarios.

open ai connectors

Infusing generative AI into your applications - Azure OpenAI Connector

OutSystems Azure Open AI Connector lets you take your artificial intelligence endeavors to new heights. This tool effortlessly connects you to the advanced AI capabilities of Azure OpenAI and prioritizes your security and compliance. With Azure OpenAI, your data remains under your control, because OutSystems never uses customer data to retrain models. The Azure OpenAI Connector allows three essential operations to be performed in your applications.

  • Completions
    The Completions function is like having an AI assistant that gives you accurate predictions based on a simple prompt. It generates single or multiple completions tailored to your needs; from streamlining workflows to sparking creative inspiration, the possibilities are immense.
  • Chat Completions
    With the Chat Completions feature, you can create compelling completions for chat messages using the ChatGPT and GPT-4 models. This functionality elevates customer interactions and enhances user experiences in your applications.
  • Embeddings
    The Embeddings capability allows you to obtain vector representations of any input, making it effortless to integrate with machine learning models and other algorithms. With it, you can improve data analysis, enhance recommendation systems, and accelerate research and development efforts.

Getting started with the Azure OpenAI Connector is a breeze. Customers need only a Microsoft Azure subscription, along with the Azure OpenAI resource and a deployed model.

To make it easier to add ChatGPT to your applications, OutSystems offers a connector for that. The range of possibilities provided by the ChatGPT Connector is immense. Consider a real-life use case such as comparing insurance policies, where policyholders want to see if they are still getting the best coverage and value for their needs.

When you embed the ChatGPT connector in an application, policyholders can instantly evaluate different insurance policies. They can upload their insurance policy documents, and ChatGPT will analyze the similarities and differences between the policies, generating a summary that highlights key variations. Based on this analysis, the policyholder can decide whether to renew the current policy or choose a different plan or insurer. You can see this in action in our video: