How do I build AI-enabled apps with OutSystems?

AI and machine-learning can help organizations create new products and services that weren’t possible a few years ago, helping them reduce costs, increase efficiency and even find new sources of revenue. 

Your organization can enhance applications with three main aspects of AI:

  • Cognitive services: With cognitive services, it is possible to take applications to new levels using intelligent algorithms that see, hear, speak, understand, and interpret an end user. These cognitive services operate on unstructured data to provide a solution to business problems that regular development algorithms can’t solve. 
  • Custom machine learning: Machine learning can be used with existing data to provide predictive capabilities, automating decisions in business processes or improving application logic. Unlike cognitive services, which are more oriented towards pre-built models for predefined use cases, custom machine learning models need to be trained and tested with business data. 
  • Conversational experiences: Conversational experiences can improve engagement in applications by allowing users to interact in their own natural language. These experiences are part of multi-channel chat and voice interfaces and in-device voice assistant integration.