Low Code, governance and skills


Technologists are in high demand, as a result, it is an employee market. Organisations can mitigate some level of risk created by wage inflation, staff churn and retention challenges with the very thing that is driving these issues - technology.

CIOs that digitise the process of application development will increase the enablement of their team members, increase their skills and in doing so empower the organisation and de-risk change.

Enterprise application development platforms are one - very important - tool for CIO’s seeking to keep digital transformation on-track, no matter the pressure on skills, recruitment and retention. CIOs in this episode will discuss how they are managing the global skills shortage and how technologies like low-code reduce the risk profile of their division.


Mark Chillingworth
European CIO &
CTO Community Editor

Kaveh Pourteymour
Founder and CEO
CIO Global

Madhu Bhabuta
Fractional CIO
Freeman Clarke

Arvinder Mudhar
UK Chief Information & Digital Officer

Paul Devine
Senior Manager,

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