OutSystems Platform for SAP

With OutSystems Platform for SAP, you can create mobile or web applications that integrate with and fully complement SAP. Rapidly discover available SAP functions (BAPIs), import them into the visual development environment, and then use them in their visual integration logic and apps. These apps can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises, in a high performance and scalable environment that is automatically monitored and audited.

Rapid Discovery

OutSystems Platform for SAP allows you to discover and browse available standard and custom BAPIs in a matter of seconds.

OutSystems Platform for SAP provides full documentation of the selected interfaces, mapping the complex SAP interfaces types into easily understood and used parameters.

Rapid Development

All imported BAPI definitions are made available as visual elements that you can drag to your canvas, and arrange with other pieces of logic to support any kind of integration flow, reducing down to zero the large amounts of complex code you’d have to write and maintain to support this traditionally.

All the validations and security settings in SAP will be inherited by the connection you have created.

Understand the Exact Experience Your Users Are Having

Debugging and Troubleshooting

OutSystems Platform for SAP allows you to visually debug your integrations to find out if you’re filling in exactly what SAP requires you to send to execute a particular transaction.

This largely reduces the time required to make sure your application is ready for the next deployment.

Understand the Exact Experience Your Users Are Having

Understand the Exact Experience Your Users Are Having

When your application is running, it’s a whole new game. You’ll need to make sure there are no errors in the integration logic. OutSystems Platform for SAP automatically instruments all integrations and allows you trace all transactions performed against SAP.

All errors are logged and aggregated and you can easily troubleshoot even those really tricky issues that occur once in a lifetime.

Monitoring Performance

OutSystems Platform automatically monitors and collects all information required to understand exactly the impact SAP integration is making in your application.

High level reports and focused, detailed information enable you to identify whether you need to review your SAP system capacity or implement techniques to reduce the impact your integration may be having.

Understand the Exact Experience Your Users Are Having

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