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Outsourcer Builds Insurance Claims Handling Solution, Integrated to SAP, to Handle All Stages of the Claims Lifecycle

Providing complete claims management services to over 1000 businesses and insurance companies in over 16 countries, Van Ameyde used OutSystems to develop ECHO, a front-end system that delivers customized service for each of its clients. With an off-the-shelf installation of SAP, Van Ameyde needed a layer of flexibility in order to customize process flows for its customers, while maintaining the sophisticated fiscal, legal and security requirements maintained in the SAP financial system. ECHO, with its deep integration to SAP, provides a fast, flexible, secure, and agile way to implement different process flows based on each client’s needs.

Using OutSystems, Van Ameyde provides customized workflows on top of SAP

Challenge - Dutch company Van Ameyde operates directly in 16 European countries, managing the claims management processes for over 1000 businesses and insurance companies.
Van Ameyde needed to customize the claims management process for each client, from call center through to claims workflow, while retaining full control over each backend claim resolution and payment through SAP. Their goal was to provide customers with the best service and transparency levels in the market. Van Ameyde needed a system flexible enough to adapt to each customer’s requirements in just weeks.

“OutSystems gives us the ability to integrate all business processes in an extremely short time period and in a highly flexible manner. We now have a layer on top of SAP that lets us create client-specific processes and workflows with triggers that shoot to SAP.”
Marco Valkenburg, IT Manager

The new application would have to provide employees with standard processes, provide the ability to customize each clients processes and workflows, and yet reflect each country’s specific legal, currency, and language requirements. Van Ameyde also had the strategic objective of ensuring that the new system would allow for easy changes in the future, supporting the company’s planned growth.

Why OutSystems?

Van Ameyde selected OutSystems to customize their claims management process because:

  • OutSystems provides robust integration to SAP, like it was part of the SAP toolset.
  • The agile methodology supports an iterative approach.
  • The Platform’s Business Process Management capabilities.
  • Flexibility and easy implementation of process and workflow changes without the need to customize SAP further.
  • Multi-lingual and multi-country support allow customization across geographies. 

ECHO (European Claims Handling Optimization)

Solution - Understanding the importance of fluidity and flexibility to their market, Van Ameyde used OutSystems to build and deploy its European Claims Handling Optimization (ECHO) system, which now provides customized claims handling based on each customer’s service level agreement and their specific country’s requirements.

ECHO maintains standardized end-to-end resolution flows, centralized claims handling information, tight integration to the SAP backend, and an easy-to-use front-end interface to their 700+ employees across Europe.

ECHO has exceeded Van Ameyde’s and its customers’ needs, providing a 30% improvement in the time to resolve a claim. The system is also highly flexible (and is constantly being enhanced), needing only four weeks to push out new releases and only 20 days to add a new feature.

OutSystems has effectively given Van Ameyde a leg up on the competition, helping the company to process more than 400,000 claims a year and being scalable enough to handle many more without impacting service - a major boost in the claims handling world.

Key functionality and highlights of ECHO:

  • Is deeply integrated with SAP, which runs all of the company’s financial operations, to ensure full information alignment across departments, eliminate duplicate and error prone administrative tasks, and leveraging previous IT investments.
  • Is available to 700+ employees from three departments that handle claims and work geographically dispersed, through VPN and MPLS connections. As the company expands, ECHO’s scope can be extended with no business or technological impact.
  • Automatically triggers customized process workflows according to each customer’s Service Level Agreement (SLA), as soon as an email is received from a customer.
  • Provides standard end-to-end resolution flows, which are tailored to specific regional requirements – supporting 16 countries, 12 languages, and 6 currencies.
  • Includes front-end management and operation dashboard reports to provide Van Ameyde customers with 24/7 access to detailed performance information; such as number of claims, their status, SLAs and progress.
  • Allows digital file upload, ensuring that each process is fully documented. Users’ actions are logged and fully traceable.
  • Centralizes all information related to claims handling, regardless of their location, nature, and country of origin of the people and insurance companies involved.Fosters collaborative work between branches, simplifying and accelerating the resolution of international processes.

Solution Capabilities

  • Customer management (CRM)
  • Correspondence management
  • Contract management
  • Document flow
    • Claims handling – including file/dossier information and financial information
    • Reserves
    • Commitments
    • Paymens
    • Down payments
    • Invoicing
  • Business process management
  • Conventions management
  • Call center
  • Batch claim processing
  • Claim information interfaces
  • Integrations
    • SAP
    • CO Controllings
    • PS Project Systems
    • SD Sales and Distribution
    • MM Materials Management
    • FI Financial Accounting

“To expand our business all we have to do is set up a data connection between the new site and ECHO – European Claims Handling Optimization. We are able to get started immediately, without impacting processes’ uniformity and transparency. This is definitely guaranteed by the OutSystems application.”
Piet Middelkoop, Van Ameyde's CEO

OutSystems ability to integrate with SAP enabled Van Ameyde to keep all core functionality in the ERP system

Result - Since the ECHO system was first deployed, Van Ameyde has provided its customers with added business value by rapidly delivering customized services and ensuring an unprecedented level of visibility and control over the entire claims handling process. With full lifecycle support, OutSystems Platform supports all phases of the ECHO’s lifecycle, from design to deployment to management and operation. Additional features can be added with minimal effort, ensuring that the application will continue to provide business value.

Defining all requirements upfront would have been impossible in such a complex project. OutSystems allowed Van Ameyde to start with minimum requirements, continuously iterating towards the final solution. User feedback was collected in a structured way, prioritized according to business value, and reflected in the application as the project progressed. This iterative approach was key to business alignment and the project’s success.

OutSystems ability to integrate with SAP enabled Van Ameyde to keep all the core functionality in the ERP system including all the fiscal and legal requirements across countries, in addition to the core secure payment functionality. The easy integration minimized the complexity and risk of the project.

  • 30% time reduction for claim resolution
  • 400K claims handled per year
  • 4 weeks for each new release
  • Over 1000 B2B clients in 16 countries
  • 338 change requests delivered in 1 year
  • 16 countries serviced by 1 single system
  • 12 languages and 6 currencies supported
  • High scalability - 700+ internal users
  • 20 days to add a new feature, at very low cost