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The Changing Face of Insurance

The insurance industry needs to evolve along with the new digital technologies and policies that are transforming insurance today. Namely, the competitive edge that is afforded through digital transformation while making sure that they adhere to the new General Data Protection Regulation which will come into force in May 2018. As such, senior insurance leaders are currently debating the future of digital insurance, how innovative life insurance products can be applied, and the role of InsurTechs.

The Perfect Storm – Digital, Data, and Changing Business Models

I recently attended Connect Media Consulting’s European Digital Insurance Summit. This year’s event brought together over 50 senior insurance thought leaders, and its innovative and interactive nature created lively and challenging debate about the future of digital insurance in an era of digital disruption. So what are the key challenges and opportunities that senior leaders in the industry face today? Here is a summary of my top three takeaways.

Who´s Left Holding the Reins?

“Isolated pockets of citizen development will not significantly help digital transformation.” That's an incendiary statement that could upset a few industry apple carts.