So, you’re tuned into the latest industry trends and buzz. But, do you know they apply to you and your business? Here’s the latest information on what’s hot and how it can work for you.

PEACE Out: A Leading Insurer Cuts Development Time from 6 Months to 21 Days to Help Victims of Terrorist Attacks

See how an insurer shortened development time of a digital policy app from 6 months to 21 days, helping address a clear and present danger.

Lessons from the Trenches: Practical Advice for Replacing or Enhancing Lotus Notes Applications

Find out what two executives learned while migrating Lotus Notes to modern apps built using the OutSystems low-code platform.

Introducing Sapphire, the Hospital Management System Built with OutSystems

How ATC built Sapphire, the first cloud-ready hospital management system using the OutSystems low-code platform.