2020 has introduced seismic changes to public health, the economy, social norms, and business. Being an adaptable, digital enterprise has never been more important at a time when even the disruptors have been disrupted. Some businesses are better prepared to adapt than others. The ability to address digital urgency is usually a factor of speed and agility, and such businesses that have that ability are what we call agility leaders.

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The Speed of Change: How Fast Are You? report explores adaptability and application development speed topics that are related to the findings from our 2020 application development survey. It identifies leaders and laggards and offers insights into which organizations are leading the race in speed and adaptability in this era of digital urgency. 

But, as they say, the proof of the pudding is in the eating. To show you what these leaders look like in action, here are the stories of two OutSystems customers who have delivered extraordinary things with speed even during the COVID crisis.

STEMCELL Launches COVID-19 Staff Safety App in 36 Hours

With 17 aging applications that were hard to maintain, STEMCELL went in search of a faster way to build apps with much less effort. A consistent development approach was needed to eliminate technical silos between developers and make their IT function much more efficient.

After selecting the OutSystems platform in 2017, STEMCELL’s application development team of six developers and three interns has gone from strength to strength. They have put more than 10 apps into production, tripled their development speed, and eliminated application development silos.

To respond to the COVID-19 crisis, the STEMCELL application team released a staff safety app just 36 hours after receiving the request. Since launching the My Status app to 1,500 employees on March 11, 2020, daily updates to the app have added support for alerts, equipment loans, and dashboards for managers and the safety team.

STEMCELL donated the application source code so that a generic version of the app can be made available—via the OutSystems Forge—to the broader developer community as a free-to-use template.

“OutSystems has helped us transform the way IT delivers value to the business. We’re more agile, at least three times faster, and we’ve greatly enhanced collaboration and trust between the business and IT,” says John Lillyman, the CIO of STEMCELL.

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Lucro Delivers a U.S. Paycheck Protection Processing Solution in 7 Days

Lucro Commercial Solutions (“Lucro”)—a specialized Credit Union Service Organization—needed to replace its lending platform in 2019. Following three weeks of discovery with OutSystems partner Truewind, they delivered a first of its kind, ultra-configurable business lending platform in just 15 weeks.

“The Digital Business Lending Center is a first-of-its-kind platform. We have huge interest from numerous credit unions, both big and small. When we demonstrate the platform, prospects are blown away by how quickly we can configure it to meet their specific requirements,” explains Jim Gallagher, Founder and CEO of Lucro.

With the advent of the U.S. Paycheck Protection Program as part of the 2020 CARES Act, Lucro urgently needed a new workflow approval system tailored for PPP loans. Because they were able to reuse much of what they had already built—a key benefit of the OutSystems platform—Lucro launched their PPP loan application solution in less than one week. Borrowers experienced an easier and faster process, enabling Lucro to compete head-to-head with much larger lenders.

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