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Rollins Minds the Talent Gap With a Look to the Future: “Cyber-security Talent In Shortest Supply”

Orkin takes pride in its ability to remove pests from our homes. Hear how its parent company Rollins is hopeful that STEM initiatives will help remove IT’s biggest pest: the talent gap.

Georgia Minds the Talent Gap: “It’s Growing”

Calvin Rhodes, CIO for the U.S. state of Georgia, believes that when it comes to the fast pace of technology, we haven't seen anything yet. Learn the methods he is using to hire talent that is well-versed in recent technology.

Is There a Right Kind of Low-code for Digital Transformation?

In the race to the digital transformation finish line, a low-code platform can rev up your engine. Pick the right one, and you'll leave your competitors in the dust. Here's how.

The Low-Code Lowdown on Containers

Opposites might attract in the real-world, but in the infrastructure world, it's a little different. Find out what low-code and containers have in common and why they should get together.

Virtual Reality Just Might Be the Next Power User Interface

What do VR and power users have in common? This article explores the cognitive aspects of the human brain and how it relates to virtual reality.

Top 10 DevOps Articles in the Past Year

Once upon a time, the author of this blog post thought DevOps was a snooze. Then he discovered these 10 articles and his eyelids drooped no more.