Someone once said that an idea for an app is only as good as your ability to bring it to life. That’s exactly right, and a key factor is the development process, having the right skills and the best software development product that empowers development teams to transform good ideas into powerful apps.

But that’s not easy, particularly not in a time when every other day (<insert hyperbole for tension>) new vendors and technology pop up like mushrooms.

A few weeks ago, a colleague of mine wrote an insightful article about how to evaluate the best low-code platforms. Although strictly focused on low-code, his 3-step guide can be applicable to any software development undertaking.

  1. Focus on the outcome: work backwards by starting with the experience you want your audience to have when you hit publish. Which tools share this experience focus?
  2. Read the analyst reports on the industry: Gartner Magic Quadrants and Forrester Waves are great resources to help you identify the leaders within the tech space you’re looking at.
  3. Give your short-list a call and let them fight for you: at this point, you shouldn’t have more than 4-5 favorites, so give them a call.

Although this is a great way to evaluate software development products, there’s a fourth step that should be added to the list: users’ reviews. What solutions are your industry peers using, recommending, loving? The article briefly mentions it, but I’d go further and add it as a step on its own.

Users’ reviews websites, like G2Crowd or Gartner Peer Insights, go beyond theories or quadrants. They let you see what actual users say about all aspects of a product and their relationship with the vendor, from usability to the quality of customer support. It’s where people that have tried the different mushrooms tell you which ones are edible and which will make you have a (really) bad day.

To help organizations even further, every year, G2 Crowd, the most popular review site, launches the Best Software List where it ranks the world’s best software companies and products based on authentic, timely reviews from real users.

Users Have Spoken: Best Software Products for 2022

Operating a software marketplace used by more than 60 million software buyers annually, G2 is the definitive online destination to discover, review and manage the technology that businesses need to reach their potential. Its annual Best Software List ranks the top 100 products based on reviews across all categories they are a part of. To be included in one of G2’s Software Products “Best Of” lists, a software product must receive at least 50 approved and published reviews during the 2021 calendar year. Scores reflect only data from reviews submitted during this evaluation period.

And OutSystems was named a 2022 Best Software Development Product!


For us, it’s a tremendous honor to get this validation from the people who use our product every day to bring their great ideas to life. It’s a statement of the value and the experience that we strive to deliver to our customers.

As of the writing of this blog post, we’ve had 459 reviews, and a score of 4.5/5 stars, and we’ve been consistently named a leader by enterprise users in the Low-Code Development Platform space.

Source: G2 Grid®. This grid is based on reviews gathered from G2Crowd’s user community, as well as data aggregated from online sources and social networks. 

Here are a few trustworthy reviews written by real OutSystems users.

“Intuitive suggestions are given at the time of the development of the application. AI-based development assistance gives an immense boost in productivity, which helps a developer.”
— Engineering Lead, Enterprise size company
"The best IDE for fast developing. The quickness about creating mobile or reactive apps and also websites is very impressive. The learning curve is not that big. The support of the community is awesome. The Forge (applications) list has a lot of components that can be easily integrated into any OutSystems project."
— Developer, Small-Business
The thing that impressed me the most about OutSystems was how fast we successfully integrated with numerous other systems. It was amazing what we achieved in a short amount of time compared to projects using more traditional approaches. In addition, the fact that all the infrastructure was ready out of the box meant we could hit the ground running from day one with stable and secure environments allowing us to focus on delivering value. One example of this is the single-click deployment which means pushing new versions of applications is quick and easy every time.

When I first looked at OutSystems, I thought it might only be suitable for creating small, simple, internal applications. However, this is not the case. We have successfully developed and deployed very complex customer-facing applications, which without OutSystems would have taken us much longer to create.

— Solutions Team Leader, Enterprise size company

About OutSystems

OutSystems is a low-code application development platform that gives enterprise developers the tools they need to build and manage entire portfolios of enterprise-class applications. Our mission is to give every company the ability to innovate through the power of software. Companies just like yours are using the OutSystems platform to do just that.

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