OutSystems is a powerful low-code application development platform. There’s no doubt about that. Companies of every size, in every industry, and at every stage of their modernization journey have utilized the OutSystems platform to revolutionize their DevOps and jumpstart innovation.

But OutSystems is so much more than just a development platform; it’s also a network of support to get your development running at high speed. And there’s nobody better at getting a business off to a flying start in its transformation journey than OutSystems Customer Success Services.

OutSystems Customer Success Services have been the key for many organizations’ rapid evolution in software development. These organizations know that the OutSystems platform provides their dev team with incredible power, and when combined with Customer Success Services, they know they’ll see results fast, and be well set up for continued success in the future.

Whether it’s establishing architecture best practices for re-use and scale, upskilling old-school developers in new syntax, training business users to build programs with no previous experience, or streamlining the shift to an Agile development strategy, OutSystems Customer Success Services has seen it all. Let’s have a look at a few shining examples.

Green Cargo: Establishing Agile Best Practices and a Scalable Future

When Scandinavian shipping company Green Cargo decided to move its logistics and SAP ERP systems from on-prem to the cloud, finding a software development platform that could scale with the company was of utmost importance to CIO Ingo Paas.

“It was crucial to understand whether OutSystems could support a software factory in our company. We weren't interested in developing one app faster. We needed to see how this was going to scale, with multiple developers and lots of applications,” explains Ingo.

After being convinced that OutSystems could support its long-term strategy to build a multi-app portfolio, Green Cargo enlisted Customer Success Services to provide the framework for a scalable, sustainable future of IT innovation.

“The advice we received from the OutSystems Customer Success team ensured we adopted architectural best practices that maximize reuse and will serve Green Cargo well for years to come,” explains Jonna Nilsson, Green Cargo’s project manager who was charged with implementing the company’s first OutSystems development projects.

Equipped with a new agile capacity and hybrid-cloud app development strategy thanks to OutSystems Customer Success Services, Green Cargo proceeded to develop several innovative apps in only their first year after implementation. The first was a Railyard mobile app which revolutionized how railyard workers catalog logistics. The second was a Predictive Maintenance App which reduced train car wheel bearing failure by 50%.

Finally, Green Cargo’s biggest endeavor, a web portal where customers can place orders online, dramatically reduced the number of workers and time necessary to take orders over the phone, fax, and email.

BT Group Powers Through Proof of Concept

In the midst of a major modernization protocol, the UK’s largest telecommunications provider BT was looking to simplify their IT, replace legacy systems, and become more agile in their development. They started looking at OutSystems to meet these goals and consolidate the varied technologies used by their Mobile Centre of Excellence under one platform.

Confident BT could benefit from OutSystems, Perryn Hodge, Senior Developer and Tech Lead for Mobile Development, needed to convince senior stakeholders in BT’s technology division. Fortunately, BT’s modernization protocol kickoff conference would provide the high-profile proof of concept opportunity. The catch: it was just 6 weeks away.

With help from OutSystems Customer Success Services, Perryn was able to lead a team of three developers to create a conference mobile app with time to spare. “Both developers and management were impressed with how quickly we delivered, and the result was exactly what we needed,” said Perryn.

Having progressed rapidly through a steep learning curve thanks to Customer Success Services, BT’s Mobile Centre of Excellence was ready to bring innovation to their workers in the field. In just 2 months, BT rolled out a new mobile app to help engineers schedule Covid-safe site visits and catalog covid exposures and contractions.

Since adopting OutSystems, BT’s agile efforts have grown front and center. “With OutSystems, we create working apps quickly, put them in the hands of stakeholders, and get the feedback we need when we need it,” says Perryn.

Gradén Mattsson Upskills Sales Team into Business-Led Developers

Contact center service provider Gradén Mattsson was getting frustrated with the outsourced development their company had relied on. Jan Gapinski, COO, decided to investigate if they could enable a “DIY” business-led development approach. The OutSystems rapid application development platform offered the tools Jan was after, and the promise of training sales team members in business-led development.

Through a series of hands-on lessons with a Customer Success Manager, four sales people quickly picked up agile development practices and began rebuilding Gradén Mattsson’s sales applications. “We had no formal coding experience, but we understood tables and fields and had used SQL and Tableau,” explains Jan. Not long after, the same four salespeople, working part-time and with no previous professional development training, had transformed the sales and customer handling applications at Gradén Mattsson.

“As a business, we’re now able to have bolder business development discussions with clients, safe in the knowledge we won’t be held back by limited digital skills,” says Jan. “And on a personal level, I feel much less stressed. I feel like we have more control now that we can fix any problems that come up ourselves. We’re even A/B testing new ways of working. These are changes we can make in a few hours, without waiting on external consultants.”

The Power of Proper Support

Modernization protocols and replacing legacy technologies almost always comes with some bumps along the way. But as we’ve seen, revolutionizing your digital factory, or even building one from nothing, doesn’t have to mean headaches and hold-ups switching from old tech to new. Sometimes a supportive, guiding hand from an expert is all you need to build apps fast, right, and fit for the future.

OutSystems Customer Success Services are here to help you meet your business goals. Whether you need to speed up adoption of the agile method, upskill oldschool tech teams, or create product owners or developers out of salespeople, our broad network of experts is ready to get you there.

Did you know that there is an OutSystems Customer Success Service that offers 24 x 7 support? Talk to an expert about your adoption journey today.