One of the things I love about my job is getting to interact with big thinkers from other organizations. That’s exactly what happened recently when I got the chance for a really insightful back-and-forth with Matthew Girdharry, Global Lead, DevOps, AppSec at Amazon Web Services (AWS) Marketplace.

Matthew and I hit it off because we have a lot in common, just like OutSystems and AWS. Watch the full interview below, or read this article for the highlights.

What’s OutSystems All About?

Right off the bat, Matthew asked me a question about the OutSystems mission statement and how for almost two decades we’ve wanted every company to be able to innovate through the power of software.

Although I wasn’t here 20 years ago when OutSystems started, I'm into the origin story of the company as basically the inventor of low-code software development. We’re no longer just a low-code platform; we’re a high-performance low-code development platform. 

OutSystems started out with a grassroots notion of software development, wanting to give organizations the tools they needed to build software with the talent that they had. And the OutSystems platform of today is a culmination of all those years of experience and our belief that we can create value for our customers by helping them deliver innovative software.

OutSystems and AWS Work Together

Of course, we’re only able to fulfill that mission because of AWS and its powerful services featuring artificial intelligence (AI) and machine learning (ML), tools that certainly make it easier for our customers to build applications that can truly transform the way a company does business.

Making things easier for customers is something Amazon knows better than anyone with “customer obsession” topping its Leadership Principles. I was curious to learn from Matthew about the values that OutSystems and AWS share, like solving problems for customers that lead to greater innovation. There’s just something about that culture of builders at both companies that makes for such a good relationship (you’ll have to watch the video to see how Matthew cracks me up with his description of just how well the offerings of the two companies work together).

Matthew mentioned a phrase a couple of times in our discussion that resonated and summed with what our companies are all about. He said that the core mission of AWS is to take away “undifferentiated heavy lifting” of managing infrastructure for their customers by helping them focus on more innovative tasks.

That sentiment absolutely clicks with what we do here at OutSystems, too. The OutSystems platform makes it easy and efficient for customers to take advantage of services such as Amazon Elastic Compute Cloud (Amazon EC2); Amazon Relational Database Service (Amazon RDS); Amazon Aurora; Amazon Simple Storage Service (Amazon S3); and a whole bunch more so you can focus on creating better and better applications.

Developing for Good

Matthew brought up a perfect example of OutSystems-AWS teamwork with the recent OutSystems Build for the Future Hackathon. We put together fifteen developer teams all over the world and tasked them with helping develop applications for three community non-profit organizations based in the U.S., Malaysia, and South Africa.

You can get the whole story in the last blog I wrote, but I enjoyed connecting with Matthew on it because it wouldn’t have been such a huge success without the services and underlying infrastructure that AWS provided as well as their help with the judging.

The hackathon proved to be a global good outcome at a time when we all needed it. And, as I mention in the chat, if you’re doing something for global good, reach out to us at OutSystems. We’d love to help or sponsor—whatever we can do to help you move forward.

You can explore more about OutSystems and AWS and sign up for a free OutSystems account to begin building applications without any paywall or any feature degradation. Also, check out the OutSystems listing in AWS Marketplace.