“If knowledge is power, training is your superpower!”

This is the motto that guides the OutSystems Training team when designing our training experiences for customers. But all the devotion we put in crafting our program to help our customers reach their goals would be in vain if it weren’t for the OutSystems Training Partners. They are the ones who enable us to deliver our training to every corner of the world.

Four years into this program, hundreds of organizations, who strive to get the best quality apps with our product, have already enabled their developer teams with our Training Partners.

Their profound expertise and know-how in OutSystems and training, combined with our official Boot Camps, allow them to deliver best-in-class OutSystems training, while also delivering their own curricula to accelerate adoption and success with the platform.

After a few years leading this Training Partner program, it gives me special joy and pride to have the opportunity to recognize the work, talent, and impact those training partners are constantly delivering to our company, our customers, our partners, and our overall community.

At OutSystems, we have enormous talent, and our +80 certified trainers are a testament to the top-notch services we offer and deliver.

This year, at the Partner Kickoff 2022, we recognized and celebrated the accomplishments of three of our Training Partners. So, if you’re looking for the right Training Partner to enable your development team, here’s a great way to start.

The Winners of the Training Partner Awards


Partner of the Year ITUp 

ITUp won the Guru award for collecting the highest Boot Camps’ customer satisfaction ratings with feedback surveys responses above 50% of all students.

In 2021, ITUp scored an overall Customer Satisfaction of 88% with close to 400 participants in the OutSystems official Boot Camps, plus hundreds in their own training curricula.

ITUp was the first OutSystems Global Training partner, kickstarting the program back in 2018. Founded in 2016, they have been delivering OutSystems programs ever since, with a special focus on the talent gap, as one of their goals is to tackle the problem of the lack of OutSystems professionals in the market.

Delivering training in Portuguese, English, Spanish, Dutch, and French, ITUp is highly experienced in delivering OutSystems academies with a focus on reskilling and upskilling, having trained more than 3.000 OutSystems professionals worldwide throughout their history.

The unique know-how and relentless commitment to improve their offer deliver top-notch training to professionals with any level of OutSystems knowledge, both at in-person boot camps or online programs.

ITUp has a high job placement rate and proficient instructors, including 4 OutSystems MVPs, with an average of more than 12 years of teaching experience.


Partner of the Year Netlink 

Netlink won the Varsity award for delivering the greatest number of Boot Camps and training the greatest number of students in 2021 among all training partners.

Netlink trained more than 600 participants delivering official Boot Camps to OutSystems customers and partners, and Developer Schools to our Global System Integrators (GSI) program, generating a great impact, especially on the Indian market.

Established in 1998, Netlink is a global business technology services and solutions company based in Detroit, Michigan, and with offices in 18 other locations worldwide. The team has 20+ years of experience in technology services and customized solutions.

Netlink has 400+ OutSystems certified professionals, all committed to ensuring customers get an awesome experience. More than developing software, they delight customers and end-users by the experience they create and help them grow in their business.

Netlink delivers public and dedicated OutSystems Boot Camps, to allow students to excel in real-life working scenarios. Certified Netlink trainers handhold boot camp attendees in this process and prepare them for their professional career journey giving the much-needed strong jumpstart.

The right training at the right time can maximize your team's capabilities and accelerate the development of your application.

Code for All

Partner of the Year Code for All 

Code for All won the Citizen award for their overall contribution to the OutSystems community, especially for their participation at the OutSystems Developer Conference (OSDC) and for creating the OutSystems University Curriculum.

Code for All contributed in several areas of the community, on OSDC and, together with Bool, they hosted the Talk Show which was live-streamed across the whole 2-day event and across 3 geos. They were also involved in the Education Program with intro talks and workshops to students.

Code for All, in partnership with OutSystems, started piloting the OutSystems Faculty Development Program to onboard 100 professors in Brazil and India. This training partner is also creating an onboarding curriculum for professors and schools in order to make it easier for universities to get started at teaching OutSystems development.

Known for their outstanding knowledge of what it takes to turn programming novices into junior full-stack developers, Code for All trains developers in an intensive 14-week programming course, which includes a week of the official OutSystems Boot Camp. They boast 4 years of success, 500+ alumni placed into over 60 IT companies, and a solid reputation for the excellence of their teaching methods.

A Special Thank You To All Our Training Partners

We are deeply proud of the work of our Training Partners and we are happy to award these partners for their relentless work in upskilling OutSystems professionals worldwide. Congratulations to all the winners!

And although this year, these were the three recognized Training Partners, we cannot forget all other Training Partners and acknowledge their commitment and the impact they are all having worldwide.

If you’re looking for an OutSystems Training Partner to energize your development team, visit our Training Partners page. Learn more about the program and explore all our Training Partners.