HR Software Provider bswift Grows 20% Annually With the Help of OutSystems

Providing HR software and services to large companies requires anticipating and fulfilling complex client requirements. Instead of solving these challenges with traditional techniques, bswift used low-code development from OutSystems to build its own rapid development Digital Toolkit. Now they are transforming benefits administration by delivering customer-centered solutions with great velocity, supporting nearly 20% growth.


3x faster time to market

3x faster time to market

9 months to build Digital Toolkit

9 months to build Digital Toolkit

19 reusable components

19 reusable components

30% higher security score over competitors

30% higher security score over competitors

Ed Rumzis
“A personal and relevant customer experience that’s easy to use is the North Star for our digital transformation. OutSystems helps us deliver that every day.” Ed Rumzis, CTO at bswift

A Supersized Opportunity

Challenge - bswift offers software and services that streamline HR and benefits administration. When the company began expanding upmarket, they knew they’d have to anticipate and serve the unmet needs of large-market clients. These marquee-name companies require high-touch, personalized solutions. Although bswift had all the necessary capabilities to build them via traditional means, they saw an opportunity to also accelerate their deployment of innovative digital solutions by leveraging a state-of-the-art low-code platform from OutSystems.

With OutSystems, bswift was able to quickly build out a library of reusable digital components, enabling great speed and agility while also meeting enterprise-grade security requirements of the Fortune 100.

“Vendor viability and security standards were absolutely crucial,” says Ed Rumzis, CTO at bswift. “I also wanted to do business with a provider that had a vision of how they were going to leverage advanced technical capabilities, like DevOps Automation, MicroServices, AI, and Conversational Interface. OutSystems hit the mark.”

Saying “Yes” to the Customer

Solution - In just nine months, bswift created the bswift Digital Toolkit using OutSystems. It allows them to deliver many solutions to many clients without having to hand code, all at a faster pace and lower cost than traditional providers in the space.

In addition to fulfilling client requests, the toolkit enables bswift to deliver on its philosophy of anticipating customer needs and proactively developing features that improve the customer experience with agility and speed to market, giving the software provider a competitive edge.

The first application bswift built leveraging the toolkit, a communications portal, was delivered in a total of three months - a speed 3x faster than traditional development methods. And when Aetna needed support for its new Attain wellness rewards program that integrates with members’ Apple Watch data, bswift used their Digital Tookit to rapidly build a call center application. The solution includes member credential validation, call topic tracking, knowledge management, telephony integration, and case management.

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Faster Development, Faster Growth

Results - With the bswift Digital Toolkit now in place, bswift is empowered to take an “anything is possible” outlook and to say “yes” without hesitation to complex challenges. This has allowed bswift to fill customer needs of a larger client market. This promise of continuous innovation and service excellence has resulted in a steady 15-20% increase in the number of members served by bswift.

During this unprecedented growth, bswift has maintained an industry-leading Net Promoter Score (NPS) and has provided a seamless user experience with no interruption of service. “The fact that we’re maintaining customer satisfaction so steadily while growing so rapidly underscores our ability to quickly and effectively serve our clients,” says Rumzis.

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Member growth and user experience aren’t the only improvements bswift has experienced. The company’s speed to market of new features and capabilities is now 3x faster. The expanded toolkit allows bswift to deliver customer-centered solutions in 3 months or less.

Using OutSystems is also helping bswift deliver products that meet and exceed security criteria. The company is 5.5x less likely to have a security event than its competitors. When examining 10 different factors that affect security, third-party evaluator Security Scorecard consistently ranks bswift at 98-100% overall, representing a 10-30% advantage over its competitors.