On a Mission to Modernize Product Portfolio, Post Office Delivers Their First App Fast With OutSystems Low-Code

Learn how U.K. financial services retailer Post Office started its wide-scale digital transformation with the delivery of its first travel product mobile app, which they delivered in a record-breaking timeframe using OutSystems.


4 months to develop

4 months to develop

100,000 customers in the first 3 months of going live

100,000 customers in the first 3 months of going live

Pioneering New Revenue Streams Via Digital Transformation

Challenge - U.K. financial services retailer Post Office wanted to create new revenue streams from within their unique network of 11,500 retail outlets and the 17 million customers coming through their stores each week. To do that, Post Office decided to pioneer a digital transformation, starting with a new business-to-consumer (B2C) native mobile app for Android and iOS to promote the company’s financial products for travel. With a 25 percent market share for travel money and a 7 percent share of travel insurance in the U.K., their new mobile app needed to be highly robust and scalable. The challenge was increased by a necessity for integration with legacy systems managed by third parties, and by the fact that this was the first native mobile application created by the Post Office team. They needed a development platform that offered advanced security, code reusability, and allowed for greater data insight to help them get to market faster.

Low-Code Enables Application Development and Easy Integration

Solution - Using OutSystems, the newly formed Business Innovation team at Post Office developed, tested, and released Post Office Travel, their first native mobile app for their travel money and insurance products. And they did it at a speed virtually unheard of in bringing a new mobile financial product to market - just four months. The new app allows customers to buy and manage a Travel Money Card and to select Travel Insurance at the same time, as well as use GPS to locate nearby Post Office branches and ATMs. The team was able to swiftly navigate the numerous regulations and controls financial projects are subject to and integrate the solution with legacy systems managed by third parties from First Rate Exchange Services, Post Office Insurance, and Accenture.

A Proven Platform Primed for Future Innovation

Results - The new app was released to the iOS and Android stores in record time, and within three months, the new native mobile app was adopted by more than 100,000 customers. Using the OutSystems low-code platform dramatically accelerated time to market and simplified the organization’s integration challenges with complex back-end systems. Moreover, OutSystems is serving as the foundation for their future digital strategy of creating new revenue streams to serve its 17 million customers across the U.K.

Henk Van Hulle
"With a history that goes back for centuries, Post Office is revitalizing services and building new revenue streams. OutSystems is the cornerstone of our strategy to serve over 17 million customers better."Henk Van Hulle, Managing Director, Group Digital and Innovation at Post Office