Randstad’s Innovation Leads to 30% Faster Recruitment and New Revenue Streams

HR services specialist Randstad is dedicated to helping employers find and recruit the right talent to grow their business. When it needed to provide fast, actionable insights to job candidates and recruitment consultants, it used OutSystems to quickly develop new capabilities. And with rapid development in low-code, the company didn't just create new efficiencies and deeper insights—it opened up a whole new revenue stream.


Filling vacancies 30% faster

Filling vacancies 30% faster

Substantially more candidates placed with less effort from recruiters

Substantially more candidates placed with less effort from recruiters

New revenue streams created

New revenue streams created

77% of users recommend market value scan service

77% of users recommend market value scan service

Anne Reuver
“With OutSystems, we have the speed and flexibility to develop apps that help our people be more efficient and effective. That gives us a big competitive advantage.”Anne Reuver, Principal ICT Manager, Randstad Groep Nederland

Tech-Powered Recruitment—With a Human Touch

Challenge - In a global job market defined by scarcity, it’s getting harder for recruiters to find the best talent. But that’s where Randstad excels—finding and recruiting the right people to meet the specific needs of its clients.

Randstad is a worldwide leader in the HR services industry, employing 670,900 people every day, from 4,826 offices in 38 countries. Central to the company’s success is a ‘tech and touch’ philosophy, focused on using intelligent technology to enable its recruitment specialists to offer the personal touch to thousands of clients and millions of job candidates across the globe.

In the HR services industry, the human touch is vital for building relationships with clients and candidates. Randstad uses smart automation and analytics to free-up recruiters to spend more time providing the personalized service that sets the company apart. And in the Netherlands, the Randstad team is using the OutSystems low-code development platform to bring the ‘tech and touch’ approach to life and deliver new competitive advantage.

Anne Reuver, Principal ICT Manager at Randstad Groep Nederland, explains: “Things are changing very quickly in our industry, so we need to automate processes wherever possible and deliver apps quickly to the business,” he says. “OutSystems gives us a development platform that’s fast and flexible, and there’s a very short learning curve for our developers. That means we can quickly create solutions that help guide our candidates through their career and help our clients recruit the very best talent—the people who’ll help them grow their business.”

Vital Insights Into a Fast-Changing Job Market

Solution - That speed, flexibility, and ease of use proved invaluable when one of Randstad’s clients requested help for their employees to formulate their personal career plan by using valuable labor market insights from Randstad.

“We’d seen the success that our colleagues in other countries have had with OutSystems, so we knew it could help us get this solution to market quickly,” says Anne. “Low-code development gave us a golden opportunity to be a first-mover in this market and create an entirely new revenue stream.”

The Market Value Scan app—which went from proof of concept to product in just 14 weeks—gives employees a unique insight of their position in the job market, combining the employee’s personality, skills, competencies and career goals with Randstad’s unique insights into the labor market. The assessment is followed up by an in-depth conversation with a Randstad recruitment specialist.

“As market leader, we have a lot of data and insights related to the labor market in the Netherlands, but the challenge was to quickly bring this all together in a high-quality application, that would deliver the best possible user experience,” says Anne. “With OutSystems, we were able to share the initial design with our client in a few weeks. It was very fast and easy to adjust, based on their feedback.”

The team also used OutSystems to build Spotter, an application that uses machine learning to enable Randstad recruitment consultants to instantly scour the entire Randstad candidate database to find the best people to fill their clients’ vacancies.

“Using OutSystems helped us organize our huge candidate database and get fast, actionable insight on the best talent to our recruiters,” says Anne. “Before Spotter, getting the right information from the database was so labor-intensive and complex that many of our recruiters simply didn't use it in the right way—they’d just work with the handful of candidates they knew. Now, Spotter makes it really easy for recruiters to quickly identify the best talent within our entire candidate database, finding talent that is outside of their own network, so user adoption has been incredibly high—we have 2,000 recruiters using it in the Netherlands already.”

Randstad’s developers have enjoyed the newfound speed and flexibility they get from the OutSystems low-code development platform.

“Some of our developers were skeptical about low-code at first,” admits Anne. “But things like one-click deployment in OutSystems and the ability to reuse components across different scrum teams have shown them its value. With OutSystems, instead of spending a month doing all the pre-work before writing the first line of code, our developers can get straight to what they do best—creating great apps that support our ‘tech and touch’ philosophy.”

“Our low-code developers can develop faster than we can get them the user stories,” he adds.
“That speed will be a vital competitive differentiator for us as our market continues to evolve.”

Rapid Development For Greater Competitive Advantage

Results - Spotter has helped Randstad’s recruitment consultants work more efficiently and effectively. Matching talent to vacancies is now 30 percent faster, and the matching algorithm locates the best possible candidates from across the talent pool. Since launching Spotter, Randstad has successfully placed substantially more candidates for certain profiles without having to increase recruiter headcount.

Meanwhile, candidates have been quick to recognize the value of Market Value Scan in helping them realize their career potential, giving the app an average rating of eight out of ten, with 73 percent saying they’d use the service again and 77 percent saying they’d recommend the scan to others. The app has also created a valuable new revenue stream for Randstad, and given the company a headstart on its competitors.

“Both of these new OutSystems apps remove the upfront effort for our recruitment specialists by automating key processes,” says Anne. “That means they can spend more time having better, more valuable conversations with our clients and candidates.”

And Randstad has big plans for the future with OutSystems. “We’ve now got around 15 production apps we’ve built in OutSystems and that number will grow significantly over the next few years—we plan to use OutSystems to develop all our custom applications,” he adds. “We’ll soon be adding another four developers to our 10-strong OutSystems team, which will give us even more flexibility and agility. With a larger OutSystems team, we can build more apps to help our people be more efficient and happy in their work, so they can help our clients find the talent they need, and help Randstad maintain its market leadership position.”

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