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Making Digital Transformation a Reality for Municipalities

With never-ending pressure for IT to deliver more applications with fewer resources, the path to digital transformation for your municipality can seem further away than ever before.

See how OutSystems helped the City of Oakland save $1,000,000 within six months.

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Many municipalities struggle to keep up with the technical pace of change that their citizens now require, as well as managing their legacy IT infrastructure.

Government CIOs often have to make difficult trade-offs between offering a compelling citizen user experience and maintaining current application functionality. Local governments have been forced to hire more IT staff or outsource application development to try and overcome those obstacles.

There’s a better way to achieve a true digital transformation without costly hiring or outsourcing. Low-code application development with OutSystems can provide a successful end-to-end digital transformation. 


See how the City of Las Vegas reduced mobile crew inspections
by more than 25% using OutSystems 

Deliver Engaging Citizen Experiences: Citizen Portals and Self-Service

How are you meeting citizen demand for self-service capabilities or new ways to interact with your staff? With OutSystems, your agency or municipality can build a citizen engagement portal in a matter of weeks, across any channel, (e.g., mobile, chatbots, web, or mobile web) without having to create each application from the ground up.

Digital Operations: Reducing Inefficiency and Increasing Agility 

How many of your processes and services still involve paper forms and point solutions that are causing headaches for IT and operations? Are your costs rising because of time-consuming data collection, entry, and rekeying? You can use OutSystems to develop applications that streamline operations, enable greater data accuracy, and delight employees—in just weeks.

Digital Core: Maximize and Improve Your Legacy IT Infrastructure 

In 2017, Forrester reported that local government agencies are investing nearly 20% of their total IT budget in modernizing and improving core transactional operations. If you’re struggling under the weight of slow, cumbersome, and costly legacy systems, OutSystems offers enterprise-strength app development, integration, and infrastructure that can give your core systems a new lease on life--in less time than you think.


The State of Application Development Report for Local Government 
How IT Is Responding to Digital Disruption and Innovation

The State of Application Development - State and Local Government Report

Over 3,3300 IT professionals from around the world shared their insights in one of the most comprehensive research reports on the state of application development.

In this concise summary, we explore how local government bodies are performing on a wide number of app dev performance measures, including:

  • Demand for new software applications
  • Average development times for web and mobile apps
  • Backlog length and control
  • Ability to hire required development skills
  • Adoption of Agile and DevOps practices


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The State of Application Development, 2019 - State and Local Government Report

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Digital transformation in local government doesn't happen overnight.

A recognized leader in low-code development by Gartner and Forrester, OutSystems has helped many municipalities reduce their application backlogs significantly, slash development costs, and streamline operational processes and workflows—and we would like to help you.

Discover How to Make the Move to Digital Government

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