Modernize and Future-Proof SAP

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Complement Your SAP Investment with OutSystems

Our modern application platform makes it easy to improve operations, design innovative user experiences, customize SAP processes, migrate to S/4HANA, and let SAP get back to what it does best.

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Provide Innovative New Experiences

Future-Proof SAP

Migrate to S/4HANA Virtually Risk-Free

“With OutSystems, we add speed and flexibility to SAP. By combining SAP with add-ons and custom applications, developed using OutSystems, we can exploit the full potential of SAP and still make all our data applicable for web and mobile.”

Germa Zijlmans

IT Manager

Maximize Operational Efficiency

Ensuring your employees in the field have real-time access to SAP dramatically increases their efficiency. Using the OutSystems platform, you can deliver the power of SAP when and where it is needed most - with perfect-fit applications that run on any device.

ISB Global increases staff efficiency and reduces training needs by delivering a 100% SAP-integrated customer service request cloud solution.

Provide Innovative New Omnichannel Experiences

SAP is not known for its great user experience. The result is a search for other solutions that enable you to engage better with customers. OutSystems integrates seamlessly with SAP so you can rapidly deliver new omnichannel experiences that customers can’t wait to use.

Future-Proof SAP

Don’t dread upgrading your SAP processes. With OutSystems, you can implement process customization outside of SAP at a much lower cost and with less complexity. You can meet the unique needs of your customers sooner.

Van Ameyde uses OutSystems to run customized workflows on top of SAP, supporting 400,000+ claims per year and reducing handling time by 30%.

Migrate to S/4HANA Virtually Risk-Free

With a 2027 deadline to migrate legacy SAP installations, you have tough choices. Or do you? Using OutSystems as a layer on top of existing SAP instances, you can break large migration projects into phases to complete them faster, with little risk and no impact on end-users.

Learn how OutSystems can help you successfully migrate to S/4HANA

How OutSystems Helps

Build and Integrate Without Coding

Rapidly discover available SAP functions (BAPIs), import them into the OutSystems visual development environment, and then use them in the visual integration logic of your apps. These apps can be deployed in the cloud or on-premises in a high-performance and scalable environment that is automatically monitored and audited.

Certified SAP Integration

Peace of mind. That’s what you get from using the OutSystems Connector for SAP to build mobile or web applications that complement SAP. The integration of these apps with core SAP systems is fully certified by the engineers at SAP. All the validations and security settings in SAP will be inherited by the connection you created.

Fill the SAP User Experience Gap

Whether creating new channels for your customers or addressing the needs of your employees, make sure they have user-friendly, intuitive experiences that encourage engagement and interaction. Craft beautiful applications that perfectly suit their needs and feature pixel-perfect designs that work anywhere, on any device.

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