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Won´t Get Fooled Again: Lessons in Lie-Fi

The limbo between online and offline is called Lie-Fi. Your mobile apps can handle Lie-Fi if you follow a few tips and lessons.

Designers vs. Developers: 5 Tips to Give Peace a Chance

Development teams nowadays are mostly agile. However, there is generally a detachment between development and design teams…which is not very agile-like. You really need to avoid the static, one-way deliverables, which lack the iterations that will eventually give the end result a much higher quality. So, get in there! Join the discussion, get into the scrums, receive and provide feedback, try to speak their language and teach them some of yours.

Top HTML5 Features That Upgrade Your Web Applications

The HTML5 standard is here to stay, and we've reviewed its most powerful new features. These top HTML5 features will improve your web applications.

Snow White and the 7 NFRs: The Truth About Non-Functional Requirements

Snow White is a functional requirement, and her dwarfs are NFRs. But could we tell her story without them? Read the truth about non-functional requirements.