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A lot goes into engineering the perfect low-code development platform. Get the details firsthand from the obsessive craftsmen who do it for a living, along with tips and tricks for making your own low-code projects as smooth as butter.


Dos & Don'ts of Legacy Modernization

We met with Lawrence Wilkes, Director and Principal Consultant with Everware-CBDi, to discuss how IT departments deal with legacy modernization.

How Do We Measure the Success of an Agile Project Manager?

In a recent conversation about the PMBOK and its applicability to measuring an Agile project manager's effectiveness.

Five Step Agile Roadmap: Put Your Team at Ease

Here is the five step agile roadmap we generally go through when introducing Agile to new organizations. We provide a holistic guideline to prep your team.

How to Cure Outcome Uncertainty in Agile Environments

The uncertainty of outcome is the only certainty This should ring true to every Agilista out there. Let's discuss how to cure outcome uncertainty.

Model-Driven Development: 7 Pitiful Signs Your Company Should Avoid MDD

Eric ten Harkel, founder of COOLProfs, shared a humorous look at some provocative signs that a company should avoid MDD.