Is your organization struggling with application development backlogs, long app development cycles, skills gap in the team to build apps, or dealing with the formation of shadow IT in order to gain speedy access to infrastructure? You’re not alone! Organizations large and small are experiencing the same struggles. In a recent Speed of Change report by OutSystems, the company found that only 21% of the 2,200 IT professionals surveyed believe they can beat their peers and competitors in speed and agility when it comes to app development. Not a very good statistic, is it?

After many years of experience in the market, OutSystems understands the challenges our customers are facing. In fact, OutSystems has been recognized as Developer’s choice and market Leader in the latest Forrester Report. With our highly scalable and secure modern application development platform, OutSystems has been able to give over 1,500 organizations worldwide the confidence to build, run and manage their applications with speed and ease. And with an open platform, OutSystems is able to deliver innovative solutions to customers of all sizes through technology partnerships across the globe.

Our Technology Alliance Partners extend and enhance the OutSystems platform giving customers ready-to-use extensions to develop applications for their business needs. One such example is with Unimed-BH, a large Brazilian healthcare provider that used Vonage and OutSystems to build a telemedicine solution for hundreds of thousand patients during the Covid-19 pandemic. Read more about the story here.

In addition to telemedicine, OutSystems range of technology leaders and innovators within our Technology Alliance Partner Program is helping many customers with their digital transformation initiatives:

  • With our Strategic Partner AWS, we have developed a set of seven Cloud Accelerators which offers developers an OutSystems sample composed of wrapped AWS Cloud Services and a recipe they can follow to customize each accelerator.
  • Digital adoption platforms, like Pendo, help teams onboard and guide users to ensure they are productive from day one, and offer usage analytics so product leaders know where users are finding value so they can continue to enhance their application.
  • Eggplant, now a part of Keysight Technologies, is an industry leading software test automation platform provider using artificial intelligence (AI) and analytics to automate test creation and test execution.
  • Twilio is a cloud communications platform as a service (CPaaS) company that allows software developers to programmatically make and receive phone calls, send and receive text messages, and perform other communication functions using its web service APIs.
  • Vonage delivers cloud communications via APIs that can easily be integrated into the OutSystems console. Adding Vonage APIs allows you to fully control the user experience and branding, as the communications are embedded from your workflows.
  • Workato provides ‘recipe style integration’ - a visual approach to building integrations. Its AI-based middleware platform enables both business and IT to integrate their apps and automate complex business workflows with security and governance.
  • Ping Identity enables customers to deploy secure authentication into any web and mobile application faster and more seamlessly. Ping Identity with OutSystems helps developers optimize both security and convenience simultaneously so consumers can have seamless and secure access to the applications they need from anywhere.

Learn more about all our Technology Alliance Partners here. We also invite you to visit our Forge Marketplace which houses over 3,000 reusable open codes shared by our Technology Alliance Partners and community members worldwide. The benefits of the program come through in our customers’ results:

“The key for us was developing a more open CRM solution. Once we’d done this, we had a hub for connecting our applications. OutSystems helped us develop both the hub and the spokes much faster than we could have otherwise.”
- Nélio Marques, IT Customer Care Manager, Via Verde
on AWS & OutSystems use case.
“We simply couldn’t have launched within these timelines if we were building from scratch. With OutSystems, we avoided reinventing the wheel so we could speed up development.”
- Carlos Oliveira, Executive President, Fundação José Neves on Microsoft & OutSystems use case.

OutSystems is the strategic partner helping companies through their digital transformation initiatives, empowering partners and customers with the ingredients they need to innovate with software and drive business further, faster. Learn more about what our Alliance Partners are developing to support Customer Experience Transformation, Workplace Innovation, Process Automation, and Modern Application use cases here.

If you’d like to hear more about the OutSystems Technology Alliance Partner Program and opportunities to develop new capabilities together, you can learn more and apply here.