According to our 2020 survey of IT professionals, it takes most companies three to six months or longer to roll out an app. With that kind of timeline, how can your app be everything that users expect when their world, their needs, and the information powering your app can change so much, so quickly? As our Speed of Change report demonstrates, the pace of change has been turbocharged since the pandemic was declared back in March.

To put this in perspective, I’m going to show you what you might have missed if you started coding an application on May 1, 2020.

You can also enjoy a more dynamic experience in this interactive infographic. Revisit the year in either memes, TV shows, or ridiculous news headlines, and discover the benefits of building applications faster with OutSystems as compared to the inefficiencies of traditional coding. 

May 2020


  • New Zealand announces that it had zero COVID-19 cases in a 24-hour period for the first time since the pandemic was announced.
  • On Saturday Night Live, special guest Tina Fey comments on Mother’s Day and life as a mother in quarantine, which has made her forget “What Prince Harry and Megan Markle look like.”
  • Built-In shares the news that Lucro Commercial Solutions used OutSystems to create an application for helping clients process U.S. Paycheck Protection Program loans in just seven days.

June 2020


  • Singapore begins distributing a digital contact-tracing device to people who don't use smartphones as part of its efforts to contain the coronavirus.
  • A Saharan dust plume estimated to be larger than the state of Texas arrives in the U.S., creating some amazing sunsets.
  • From May 1–June 30 is two months. That’s the same amount of time it took ISB Global to create and deploy a mobile application with OutSystems that enables employees to connect to SAP ERPs onsite.

July 2020


  • "Mum, can I have two biscuits?" Children interrupt news interviews on Britain’s BBC and Sky News.
  • Corning announces a new type of smartphone and tablet glass that is able to resist scratches better than their current glass while withstanding drops from as high as six feet without cracking.
  • You’ve now been working on your app for three months. In the same timeframe and using OutSystems, Dorel built a smart car-seat app that saves children’s lives.

August 2020


September 2020


  • Hurricane Sally makes landfall in Gulf Shores, Alabama, 16 years and almost to the hour after Hurricane Ivan landed there in 2004.
  • Scientists announce the discovery of a new mass extinction event, massive volcanic eruptions in what is now western Canada, that allowed dinosaurs to dominate the earth for more than 200 million years.
  • Five months have now gone by, and you have at least another month to go. If you were at Rollins, you’d be celebrating the release of your customer relations app built with OutSystems.

October 2020


  • A painting stolen by the Nazis from a prominent Jewish family in Berlin who fled Germany to escape persecution is returned to the Mosse Foundation, which represents the remaining heirs of the family.
  • A French bulldog in Texas wears a different Halloween costume for all 31 days of October, dazzling his 13,000 Instagram followers, with photos of him dressed as Elton John, Sebastian from The Little Mermaid, and “Dog Vader.”
  • It’s now been six months since you started your application. Six months after OutSystems customer thinkmoney began developing a new customer onboarding process, a class-leading mobile app, and an entire online banking system, they were deployed.

November 2020: Build Apps Fast, Right, and for the Future

Six months can fly by when you’re coding, but so can historical and interesting events. Start using OutSystems for free to see how fast building apps can be.