Intelligent Automation


Automate your business processes intelligently

Intelligent automation technologies – RPA, artificial intelligence, and machine learning – can be useful for improving your digital operations. But they must be used intelligently.

Smart enterprises are rapidly assembling, deploying, and updating human-centric applications that orchestrate cross-functional workflows, better integrating these automation technologies with their people and data.

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”Thanks to the automation, each lawyer could handle 60 to 70 cases in parallel, instead of three to four cases at a time.”

Steve Dalgleish
Steve Dalgleish Head of Technology, Shepherd and Wedderburn

”By using OutSystems alongside robotic process automation, we’ve greatly increased our operational capacity, enabling rapid growth for our payments and FX business.”

David Parker
David Parker CIO, Crown Agents Bank

Re-energize your digital transformation with high-performance low-code from OutSystems

Take a people-first approach

Many digital transformation efforts stall or stop because companies fail to take a people-first approach to process automation.

Use OutSystems to build highly intuitive applications that your employees can use for oversight, intervention, and orchestration of cross-functional automated workflows.

Leverage essential data

Your employees need the right data, at the right time, at the right place. Even more so when you automate your processes.

Use OutSystems to quickly and easily connect to company systems of record and databases.

Rapidly iterate

Quickly learn and continuously improve your digital operations.

Use OutSystems to collect feedback and easily update your business applications, rapidly changing them as your business processes change.

Intelligent Automation from OutSystems and AWS

Easily scale your business process automation efforts.

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Intelligent Automation from OutSystems and UiPath

Deliver intelligent automation fast with market-leading RPA and low-code.

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