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How to Build the Ultimate Reusable Web Chat Component

You’ve probably already read many how-tos and how-don’ts for web chats. I mean, we’re constantly chatting the days away (outside office hours, of course), so it’s a pretty common topic. But here’s my question: how many times can you implement a chat app without copy/paste, and how fast? And what if you could create a whole bunch of such apps with the ultimate component?

Hybrid Mobile Applications: What You Need to Know

A hybrid mobile app is a mobile application that seamlessly merges on-device (native) and web technology to present a unified experience. While that definition covers the bases, there’s still a lot of wiggle room for variation.

Beyond Spritely Images: Using Icon Fonts in OutSystems

OutSystems applications come with Font Awesome by default. But sometimes you’ll have a type of application like a weather app that needs specific icons to represent conditions such as light showers, partly sunny, or hail. In those cases, you’ll need need custom icons. So, how can you use custom icons in the OutSystems IDE? Let's take a look.