The onset of COVID-19 in March 2020 presented abnormal circumstances for everyone, from seniors, adults, and children to companies and governments. Obviously, one of the most impacted industries was healthcare. Suddenly, hospitals, healthcare providers, insurers, and clinics faced a harsh new reality.

Some were up for the challenge—and more.

Humana, a large health insurance company with over 16 million members across the U.S., found its call center inundated with people trying to find where they could get a COVID-19 test. Unfortunately, call center employees at the Fortune 50 company had only spreadsheets to track the centers. With the changing nature of testing centers (type and supply of vaccine, hours, etc.), it was an untenable situation.

Fortunately, Humana was using OutSystems, a high-performance low-code platform, on a cloud-based project in another part of the company to unify how customers find providers, pharmacies, and other services. The IT team was able to reuse a large portion of the code to create a COVID test locator app that solved the spreadsheet debacle literally over a weekend.

But the Humana team didn’t stop there. Join our webinar to hear the rest of their story—sign up here.

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While perhaps not as life or death as Humana’s dilemma, many companies are facing the fact that their siloed, legacy digital customer experiences (CX) are due for an upgrade to satisfy high customer expectations. Gartner points out that companies who fail at that do so at their peril: 61 percent of customers are more likely to stick with the company if they have a “low-effort service experience” resolving an issue. The flip side? Only 37 percent of those exerting high effort will stay around.

And, like Humana, those companies agile enough to react promptly to disruption are discovering it’s a competitive differentiator.

Deliver Omnichannel CX Faster with OutSystems

Many companies looking to move on from traditional ways of delivering software and pre-built packages are utilizing a cloud-based, low-code application platform like OutSystems on Amazon Web Services (AWS). With the OutSystems Cloud platform, you can deliver seamless digital CX for any touchpoint much faster than with traditional development—using your existing team and skills, reducing development complexity and without compromising on the quality, security, and scalability of your apps.

Another outcome of the pandemic is that digital interactions are more, and more commonplace. McKinsey found that consumers were three times more likely post-crisis to say that at least 80 percent of their customer interactions are digital.

Companies must create “multiexperiencecustomer journeys over a broad array of devices and interaction modalities, so that customers are able to interact with them in the most frictionless way.

Building apps on the cloud with OutSystems, you can create high-quality, “perfect-fit” experiences that are consistent on every touchpoint so users can interact with your brand in ways that are familiar and convenient, whether on desktop, mobile, using wearables, voice assistants, or chatbots.

Using the speed of visual development, with OutSystems, your team can create mind-blowing software that incorporates artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML), IoT, and microservices. One click deploys the user interface, database, workflows, and integration components of your app.

Whether it’s a customer or agent self-service portal, a new customer onboarding journey, mobile apps, or a customer support chatbot, your apps come to life in an instant, not after years, and years of coding and testing.

By leveraging development accelerators, you can not only deliver core functionality quickly but also highly advanced features like biometric security, all the while enjoying unlimited development expressiveness to create any unique interface or functionality to set yourself apart from competitors

Get a 360-Degree Customer View in Real Time

Built-in AI massively reduces development and deployment complexity, giving you the peace of mind to update apps, and the ability to iterate often—not just on v1 but on v100, and beyond. You’ll have the agility to tweak, and launch omnichannel CX apps that can scale in size, and complexity as needed in a fraction of the time it would take using traditional development methods.

If your company is like many, you’ve got disparate systems running things like CRM, CMS, analytics, and billing. OutSystems allows you to connect all the dots so you can truly achieve a 360-degree customer view and gather real-time data and capabilities from any source.

When it comes to dealing with customer data, nothing is more important than security. OutSystems employs enterprise-grade security with continuous fixes for industry-identified code vulnerabilities and over 270 security checks built into the platform. And you can confidently handle sensitive customer data on the AWS Cloud because it’s built with the highest standards for privacy, and data security.

Build Apps That Make a Difference with OutSystems on AWS

OutSystems on AWS moves you beyond legacy gridlock to help you build apps fast, right, and for the future. You’ll never outgrow it because AI, ML, and IoT capabilities are always expanding. And your OutSystems-managed apps will always embrace the latest technology, meaning you can keep your customers satisfied, and stay one step ahead of the competition.

That's what Humana accomplished as OutSystems helped them be agile in a time of crisis. To learn exactly how it all went down, and lessons learned, join us for the “Rapidly Transform Your Customer Experiences with OutSystems” webinar on April 20th to hear directly from Humana about their CX transformation.