Innovation Awards

Recognizing OutSystems customers for delivering true innovation


The OutSystems Innovation Awards recognize, honor and celebrate the organizations and people that are using OutSystems to make IT dramatically more proactive, productive and essential in creating business value and driving innovation.

Fall 2016 Winners

David Peppard

Collaboration Award

A brand new collaborative portal saves physicians time and the company money.

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Steven Schmidt

Integration with Speed Award

Integrations abound with Logitech’s NPI Command Center.

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Adriana Islas

Legacy Replacement Award

A legacy system was replaced with a new mobile application, increasing visibility and operational efficiency.

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Rob Bushway

Market Innovation Award

Better inventory management leads to faster, more effective responses during disasters.

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Mike Cahoon

ROI Award

Building four applications on OutSystems saved CP Kelco millions of dollars.

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Keisha Mabry

Scalability Award

Aimed at helping more high school students attend college, this software went from 2,200 to 10,500 users in just five months..

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Ron Savarese

Speed Award

A modern, mobile-ready maintenance management system built in less than five months.

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Jorge Vazquez

Time to Value Award

Automated eTalent solution, built in two months, allowed four HR consultants to source and vet 75,000 candidates.

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Jason Herrington

User Experience Award

A new management system gives researchers easy access to hundreds of millions of dollars in facilities and equipment.

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Can it be You?

True IT innovation is driven by individuals who choose to deliver remarkable solutions that don't just do what users asked... They deliver solutions that were never thought possible.

Spring 2016 Winners

Omar Shraim

Gold Award: Market Innovation

Sapphire Hospital Management System - Completely paper-free, enterprise hospital management system disrupts industry.

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Zaida Veloso Dias

Gold Award: User Experience

Unified Website - CUF Network Reshaped its online presence, simplifying customer interaction.

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Bob Casey

Gold Award: Business Transformation

Mobile apps transform global workforce allowing employees to work from anywhere at anytime.

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Alexandre Martins

Gold Award: Overall Business Impact

Suite of custom applications, brings full control and ROI to business processes.
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Phoenix D.A.S.

Speed Award: Time to Value

Rapidly rebuilt flagship product to provide fresh, mobile-friendly user experience. Watch video case study

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Stephen Devlin

ROI Award: Best Business Cost Savings

Energy Productivity Tools - Facing budget cuts, energy supplier develops business efficiency program.

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Guy Brooks

Development Award: Best Custom Solution

CSSThree60 Developed completely custom solution to address the unique needs of debt collection.

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Natanael Baptista

Top Project: Best User Acceptance

Sales Information System - optimized campaign planning and evaluation process, automating workload.

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Marisa Borges

Top Project: Best Process Automation

Blood Centers Audit System - Agency deploys system to automate audit workflows across 120 centers.

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Grant McDonogh

Top Project: Best Legacy Replacement

Legacy insurance policy management system in half the time expected.

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Fall 2015 Winners

Adriana Islas


In just 10 weeks, Estafeta delivered MiEstafeta, a single portal for all of their applications.

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Autumn Bernier

IoT, Mobile and APIs

Application that serves as a single point of control, streamlines data collection, and incorporates mechanical operations.

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Sameer Jaleel

Strategic Adoption of RAD Platform

Adopting OutSystems has produced gains in flexibility, agility and efficiency.

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Can it be You?

True IT innovation is driven by individuals who choose to deliver remarkable solutions that don't just do what users asked... They deliver solutions that were never thought possible.

Spring 2015 Winners

Abdulrahim Ahmad Almudhareb

Gold Award: Business Transformation

Smart Services - Mobile App Completely Transforms Judiciary Process

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Ameet Shah

Gold Award: Market Innovation

Wodify - Complete Cloud-based Mobile Software for Gym Owners and Their Athletes

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António Fialho Dias

Best Consolidation Project

CISN – Visão Contact Center – 40 Applications Consolidated Into One 360º Portal

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Francisco Miranda Rodrigues

Best Database System
Implementation partner: Truewind-Chiron

SIOPP - Improved Customer Care for 22,000 members

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Hennie Hurter

Best Deployment Speed

Cotton Cluster Platform - Development Time Cut in Half, 100% of KPIs Met

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Alexandre Paulino Dos Santos

Best Integration
Implementation partner: Everis

GEPExpert – Six External Systems Integrated Into One Workflow

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Best Sales Management App

Ponte Vasco da Gama - Mobile Sales App Delivers Complete Customer Focus

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Rui Palma

Best User Acceptance
Implementation partner: Truewind-Chiron

NATIS Portal – Hundreds of Users Quickly Adopt Portal

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Catherine Farrugia

Best User Engagement
Implementation partner: DB Results

Member Education Hub - Transformed Perception of IT, Delivered Results Fast

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Susana Pascoal

Best Web Portal

Plataforma de Negócios (Agent Web Platform) - 553% Increase in ROI in First Five Months

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Winners 2014

Bart Pues, Development Manager

HARPON (HARmonized POwer Nomination)

"We delivered an energy trading app in 28 weeks..."

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Craig Kaley,SVP - IT

GTS Operations Portal Project

"Two weeks to develop with four developers..."

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Izak Joubert ,CTO

Project eSTAC

"Five months to develop with a small team of developers..."

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Jean Lombard ,President

Mobile-Ready Sales Force Automation

"We created a system that supports Lottery operations unlike anything that exists in the market."

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Paulo Marques ,Flight Dispatch Manager

Flight Dispatch Control Center Dashboard

"With it, we have reached an unprecedented level of efficiency."

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Lisa Ordem Zarim ,CEO

College Enrollment Process

"It is enabling us to to offer better, faster and more efficient counseling to students."

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Gonçalo Vilhena ,CTO

Medical Staff Payroll Process

"We delivered a robust solution with a very aggressive timeline ultimately achieving 100 percent user adoption."

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Eduardo Romano ,CIO

Insurance Collaboration Platform

"We rely on OutSystems for all web and mobile development."

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Vasco Teixeira-Pinto ,Service Manager

Customer Portal

"In six months we were able to deliver a solution that sets us apart in this competitive market."

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Can it be You?

True IT innovation is driven by individuals who choose to deliver remarkable solutions that don't just do what users asked... They deliver solutions that were never thought possible.

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