Does OutSystems support development by cross-functional teams?

Yes. Workflow Builder enables business experts, analysts, and process owners to solve their own internal productivity challenges through an easy-to-use wizard that abstracts the development process. Designed specifically for line-of-business users, Workflow Builder promotes collaboration within modern, interdisciplinary teams while ensuring IT remains in full control–all within the same platform.

Build internal workflow apps

Designed specifically for non-IT users, Workflow Builder empowers less technical team members to build their own apps through an easy-to-use, intuitive form and workflow canvas. Publish apps with a single click and without writing a single line of code. 

Workflow Builder Expense Approval

From expense approval to timesheet management, business process owners can deliver simple-to-medium complexity case management applications in minutes, greatly decreasing time to business value while also freeing up valuable IT resources.

Workflow Builder Request

As line-of-business apps grow in importance and scale, cross-functional teams made up of varying skill levels can continue to evolve them in Service Studio. There, both business experts and professional developers can collaborate to refine workflow processes, user interfaces, business logic and data models without ever hitting the dreaded “IT wall.”

Governing line-of-business development

Business applications built with Workflow Builder rely on the same standard architectures and frameworks as their pro-developed counterparts. These apps are generated into a fully open, optimized, and documented set of server and client components.

With Architecture Dashboard continuously monitoring Workflow Builder-generated apps, IT can effectively manage technical debt from the start so when departmental apps evolve to become enterprise-wide solutions, nothing needs to be rewritten. Learn more about Architecture Dashboard here.