Does OutSystems support event-driven architecture?

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  1. Prebuilt integrations
  2. Event-driven development with OutSystems

Yes. OutSystems is perfectly suited for the event-driven architectures that have grown in popularity to support loosely coupled, modern distributed applications. OutSystems integrates with leading event-driven platforms. In addition, with OutSystems, events can be triggered and handled in all layers of your applications. 

Prebuilt integrations


A webhook enables one application to provide other applications with real-time information. Unlike typical APIs, a webhook delivers data to the other applications as it happens, which is much more efficient for both provider and consumer. 

With OutSystems, you can create and expose specific APIs to serve as a webhook destination. These can be used by event producer platforms and called whenever there is a trigger in the external systems.

OutSystems also provides a Forge component to help edit and manage webhooks using only visual modeling and online configuration. The component includes monitoring, automatic retrial, and a full audit log.
Webhooks Producer Component

The slack messaging platform has grown in popularity and there are many use cases for integrating applications with slack. The following Forge component greatly simplifies integrating with Slack webhooks.
Slack Integration

Streaming platforms with OutSystems

By integrating with different streaming platforms, new business models can be developed that make more informed, real-time decisions. The following connectors are available and can be quickly configured in your applications:

Other event, messaging and notification platforms

OutSystems can be easily integrated with any event-driven platform.  For server-side events, the most common platform connectors in the Forge are: 

Event-driven development with OutSystems

OutSystems supports event-driven development and can fundamentally act as an event source. The OutSystems language has a specific event system for user interface elements that promotes reusability throughout the application portfolio. Events can be triggered and handled in all application layers.

Based on event triggers, we can define and model actions and flows, effectively making OutSystems a standardized event broker for multiple event-driven data sources. For server-side events, OutSystems includes Business Process Technology (BPT), allowing developers to react to database events or custom events. For very high volume event processing scenarios, OutSystems provides light BPT processes that are optimized for scale. 

All events are registered in the platform, allowing developers to search the catalog of events, with full governance of IT permissions.