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The OutSystems Innovation Awards recognize, honor, and celebrate the organizations and people that are using OutSystems to make IT dramatically more proactive, productive, and essential in creating business value and driving innovation.

  • 2017
  • 2016
  • 2015

2017 Winners

Enterprise Efficiency Award

Prologis, a Denver-based real estate and financial company, used the OutSystems platform to build an internal enterprise emergency messaging system for 1,600 employees.

Prologis, a Denver-based real estate and financial company, won the Enterprise Efficiency Award for building an internal enterprise emergency messaging system for 1,600 employees. The app standardized procedures for determining who could send messages to which groups. Three developers finished the project in under 40 hours, saving thousands of dollars by building the app in-house rather than purchasing it off the shelf.

Global Enterprise IT Transformation Award

In six months, Singtel created a platform called Gravity for its entities NCS, Singtel, and Optus Australia. Gravity now serves internal IT, partners, and customers on one core IT software delivery platform as part of Singtel’s ONE IT initiative.

Created from the integration of three business units, Singtel Group Enterprise faced a major business challenge with overlapping IT functionalities. To get IT on the same page, Singtel used the OutSystems low-code platform to create the core layer for a next-generation process for software application delivery called “Project Gravity.” The project created new apps such as Unified CRM and Enterprise Product Catalogues in under six months – half the time projected for traditional development methods.

Mobile Excellence Award

The city’s IT department built a “Mobile Inspector” app on the OutSystems low-code platform. The app cut processing time per inspection by 25 percent and hardware costs by half.

When Las Vegas building inspectors needed more resources for field inspections, the city’s IT department built a “Mobile Inspector” app on the OutSystems low-code platform. Two developers completed the project in just three months – half to a quarter of the time projected using a traditional development approach. The app is currently used by 35 inspectors. It has cut processing time per inspection by 25 percent and hardware costs by half. Transaction processing is faster, and inspectors now can automatically email customers regarding delays and take advantage of GPS guidance to work sites.

Overall Business Impact Award

In less than a year, shipping contractor Estafeta created a new POS platform on OutSystems, reducing average time for each sale from 5 to 3 minutes and virtually eliminating lost tickets.

Estafeta, a Mexico City-based shipping contractor, used the OutSystems platform to replace a failing POS solution. In less than a year, six developers produced an enterprise-grade platform for 500+ users in 450+ locations. The new tool exchanges real-time information with the SAP and Track&Trace systems, guaranteeing a smooth transfer. It reduced average time for each sale from 5 to 3 minutes and virtually eliminated lost tickets.

Process Transformation Award

Young Electric Sign Co. (YESCO) used OutSystems to transform its entire app development process – creating an enterprise tool that 1,500+ employees use to manage customer interactions and other functions.

Frustrated with traditional development methods, Young Electric Sign Co. (YESCO), a Salt Lake City-based sign manufacturer, tapped the OutSystems platform to transform its entire app development process. YESCO started by commissioning four developers to build an enterprise tool that 1,500+ employees use to manage customer interactions, the sales life cycle, scheduling, job dispatching and other functions. Using the low-code platform saved YESCO 18 to 30 months in development time and equipped the company with an agile development stack build apps at lower costs.

Solving A Unique Business Challenge Award

Single developer completed digital insurance platform in 21 days, providing Phillippines consumers peace of mind during holiday season following terrorist attacks.

When FWD Insurance management set a one-month deadline to deliver a new ecommerce platform, a single developer using OutSystems didn’t flinch: He turned around the project in just 21 days. The Phillippines’ first digital insurance platform, called PEACE, was mission-critical for FWD. It provided coverage for relatives of the victims of terror attacks in late 2016 – “peace of mind” for consumers during the tense holiday season. FWD officials estimate the 21-day delivery process would have taken more than six months using traditional development methods.

Speed & Transformation Award

Banco Popular needed a platform to create an agile development pipeline. It leveraged OutSystems to build several apps in 3+ years, including one that streamlined its management of remodeled residential property sales.

The small team of developers at Banco Popular, a banking firm doing business in North America, Puerto Rico, and the Virgin Islands, was too busy maintaining applications to field requests for new apps. So, the team leveraged the OutSystems platform to build several apps quickly and inexpensively. One project, completed in eight weeks, streamlined the end-to-end management of remodeled residential property sales, replacing outmoded Excel and data management systems.

Time To Value Award

Rollins Inc., an Atlanta-based pest control services firm, partnered with OutSystems to rebuild an outmoded CRM system – cutting responses of service findings from 24 hours to under 20 minutes.

Rollins Inc., an Atlanta-based pest control services firm, needed a new CRM application to replace an outmoded collection of cobbled-together systems that was holding the business back. IT was too busy with a major operational upgrade to rebuild the system, so the company turned to OutSystems. A team of seven IT pros from OutSystems and Rollins partnered on a three-month project to replace the old National Accounts system. The shift improved service delivery on a number of fronts – cutting response of service findings from more than a day down to 20 minutes. The flexibility and agility of the low-code platform also freed up IT to focus on core business tasks and experiment with concepts that advance Rollins’ business.

Best ROI Award

Completely rebuilt large core pension system in 12 months - insanely fast for market standards.

Within 12 months they have completely rebuild their core pension systems which would have taken 3 years normally. Since it was their most critical system, it needed to be flawless and high quality. “Development time was a bit longer than we planned, but still insanely fast for the market standard.” Johan Simons, CIO at Scildon

Business/IT Collaboration Award

Business challenged IT to deliver 3 apps in 3 days - business stayed involved throughout the entire process and extremely happy with results.

Randstad sets itself apart from competitors by having a strong focus on digital innovation. One of the roads to realize this ‘Tech and Touch’ motto, is by working with the low-code platform from OutSystems, which enables the HR company to develop innovative applications fast. The "Who You Are App" helps users create a CV with a personalized video! The app is ready to help users find their dream job!

Cloud Innovation Award

A big believer in bimodal IT, they became the first bank that received approval from De Nederlandsche Bank to move back-end systems to the cloud, now can better focus on adding value to customers instead of maintaining systems.

Marco Witteveen, the COO of GarantiBank, strongly believes in bimodal IT. As a medium-sized bank, he belives they need to focus on adding value for our customers, not on maintaining systems. That's why they chose to move as many systems as possible to the cloud. At first, there was fear, but in the meantime, development of the cloud with the big providers has improved, even when it comes to security. Approaval from De Nederlandsche Bank has also come a long way with the testing of cloud implementations.

Disruption Award

Self-built IT system enables high-quality digital arbitrage at a low cost - supporting the goal of not pushing clients further into debt.

The legal proceedings between creditors and debtors are arranged via the e-Court platform. Debtors are also contacted by e-mail so they can review their case. They receive clearly written information about the proceedings and are able to log into e-Court and respond online. Using the e-Court platform, they can submit their defense online and upload their supporting documents.

Most Innovative App Award

WoningNet and CoolProfs developed a mobile app for house exchange, called HuisjeHuisje. The app makes life easier for home seekers with a “Tinder-like” app to facilitate the exchange of rented houses.

"The housing market is wall-mounted, and housing corporations want changes," says Astrid Weijs, ICT manager at WoningNet. "Ymere, the housing corporation for northern Randstad (a megalopolis in the Netherlands consisting of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, The Hague, and Utrecht), came up with an idea to make life for home seekers easier. They have realized this with a “Tinder-like" app that facilitates the exchange of rented houses. Users can offer their home for exchange and swipe through houses of tenants who also want to trade. A user can "like" a home. And with a bit of luck, the resident will also find their home, and then a match is made! This made National News!

Scalability Award

Multiple IT groups support rapid growth by building numerous apps to support the business.

CZ, a dutch insurance company started using the OutSystems software development platform two years ago and is still very excited about it. Among the 150 software developers who employed at the health insurer, there are 10 OutSystems developers. They mainly build backend applications, but also implement the platform to refresh part of the CZ website. Their goal is to make primary care a digital experience.

ROI Award

Rapidly delivered MyClaim, a self-service app for victims in bodily injury claims. Developed full app in only 8 days. Saved $300K on labor costs and gained more business due to happy customer experience.

Van Ameyde, a Dutch insurance provider, has relied on the OutSystems platform to build apps quickly and efficiently since 2006. This year, IT delivered a transformational service in record time. Two full-time developers handled the whole project, delivering MyClaim, a self-service app for victims in bodily injury claims, just 8 days. The service saved the company $300,000 on labor costs and generated more business due to a happy customer experience.

User Experience Award

With the focus on user experience, Samskip has developed a platform that allows its customers to easily book, track, and manage transport online.

App Delivery Transformation Award

Changed its whole process of app delivery, ultimately cutting payroll transaction processing time by 65 percent and enabling the fast deployment of new custom HR apps.

Rather than change a single HR app, Transnational Diversified Group changed its whole process of app delivery. Using traditional coding methods for the past 15 years, developers had faced frustrations with projects’ slow pace, the waterfall appdev process and the distribution of coding projects. The diversified firm shifted to the OutSystems low-code platform to develop a multifaceted human capital management system. The app itself cut payroll transaction processing time by 65 percent and enabled the fast deployment of customized HR modules. The new process streamlined the firm’s time to market for critical applications.

Best Custom Solution Award

Replaced paper- and Excel-based employee evaluation process, creating custom app for 3,600 regular users in just three months.

Healthcare facility operator Luz Saude’s HR department needed to replace an inefficient, outdated employee performance appraisal system that operated on excel sheets and manual processing. Three developers took up the challenge and spun up a new custom app for 3,600 regular users in just three months. The system, called SIGMA, eliminated paper, created an end-to-end perception of the evaluation process and increased management’s visibility into performance improvement actions.

Business Transformation Award

Replaced more than 30 legacy Lotus Notes apps, building new apps to run digital operations in HR, finance, billing, and more.

Construction firm Surbana Jurong faced the challenge of replacing more than 30 Lotus Notes legacy apps that frustrated users with stale functionality and an inability to connect to many third-party systems. Using OutSystems, the development team built new apps to run digital operations in HR, finance, billing and other areas. Not only did the project reduce development time by 30 percent, it encouraged workers to use the applications more, shifting from traditional emails to workflows built on OutSystems.

Change Management Excellence Award

Created cost management app, providing end-to-end control of payments and visibility across food and beverage distribution network.

Refriango, an Angola-based food and beverage distributor, set a goal of improving the day-to-day management of information and costs for the company’s GALT (Accommodation, Laundry and Transportation) services management team. Business partner Truewind used OutSystems to build an app to solve these issues. After a four-month development process, Refriango reported immediate gains: 18 percent more availability for vehicles and drivers, and a 15 percent cut in reworked tasks.

Collaboration Award

Transformed business with shift to Continuous Delivery processes, building on OutSystems core and tapping talents of 13 internal developers.

In mid-2016, BIT, the technology services unit of diversified multinational firm Sonae, moved to a continuous delivery format to improve its overall app delivery process. The unit developed its business-redefining service following the OutSystems Reference Architecture using a DevOps framework as its basis. Leveraging the talents of 13 developers and four associated talents, BIT developed an enterprise-wide delivery system, increasing operational efficiency and customer satisfaction.

Cross-Channel Excellence Award

An app to solve cross industry, complex decision logic, business rules and workflow for enterprise and SMEs to run mission-critical parts of their business. Available as a web or mobile app.

Centricity helps SME customers run mission-critical parts of their business: everything from scheduling jobs to cross-organizational role-sharing tasks. OutSystems was used to create the core and served as the glue holding all the logic together. Apps are used across industry, from estate management to telecommunications, with customers reporting higher productivity and elimination of wasted cycles.

Digital Transformation Award

Shifted from paper-based systems to digital operations app, providing better access to information more efficient train maintenance process.

Empresa de Manutencao de Equipmamento Ferroviario, S.A. (EMEF), the main provider in the Portuguese railway maintenance sector, needed to shift paper-based processes to digital. The company accomplished the task in just two months. Using the OutSystems low-code platform, a two-developer team built a tool for operational planning, management and analysis of shop floor operations. The project provided better access to information and a more efficient train maintenance process.

Enterprise Integration With Speed Award

Randstad Portugal saved months of development time, delivering apps to replace billing systems and improve call center productivity.

Randstad Portugal used OutSystems to save months of development time, delivering apps to replace billing systems and improve call center productivity. The former initiative saved the business unit from having to commit to a three-year traditional IT rebuild of its employee operation and customer billing systems?. Using the OutSystems platform, a three-developer team produced a functioning, responsive app in under a year. The app centralizes information and provides controlled access to the completed operation and history, reducing risk and making collaboration easier. Randstad estimates that the app has saved one week per year per FTE in productivity and efficacy.

Excellence in AI / Machine Learning Award

Built innovative AI and machine-learning app that helps customers streamline the process of screening for “conduct risk.”

Professional services firm Deloitte LLP used the OutSystems platform to build an innovative AI and machine-learning app that helps customers streamline the process of screening for “conduct risk.” The app, called BEAT (Behavioural and Emotional Analytics Tool), leverages technology to spot potentially risky sales interactions rather than require customers to manually review hundreds of thousands of transactions. Deloitte used OutSystems to create a proof of concept in under a week and deliver a fully functioning app in five months.

Excellence In Financial Services Award

Built apps to run internal operations in less than a year, evolving processes to adapt to fast-changing industry legislation in South Africa.

Censea faced a series of challenges evolving its own internal processes quickly to adapt to changing industry legislation in South Africa and finding developers to get the work done. The financial services firm handled both issues developing a series of apps using the OutSystems low-code platform. It built a master employer database, a call center center app and banking switch integration APIs in less than a year – a third of the time it would have taken using traditional development processes.

Game-Changing Solution Award

Facing a 30-day deadline, Randstad Brazil developed a video application interview solution, with cognitive analysis, reducing assessment time by 70 percent.

Facing an ultra-tight 30-day deadline, employment services provider Randstad Brazil used OutSystems to create an application that supported a client’s strategic recruitment initiative. The video application interview solution, with cognitive analysis, helps detect which candidates are demonstrating more “energy” on videos. The initiative reduced the client’s assessment time by 70 percent.

IT/Business Collaboration Award

Business and IT collaborated tighter than ever on development of online portal for customers to monitor, manage shipments from beginning to end.

To thrive in the fiercely competitive air and sea freight business, Davies Turner needed to create a new, interactive way for customers to monitor and manage shipments from beginning to end. The U.K.-based shipper did this leveraging the OutSystems platform, building a new app in under four months. The app, called P2D, saved thousands of emails and phone calls, providing customers with better and more accurate information.

Overall Business Impact Award

Enterprise apps shortened approval process for agribusiness projects from weeks or months to 1-7 days for most initiatives.

With 500 manufacturing plants, 92,000 employees and an agribusiness network spanning 50+countries, Wilmar International Ltd. faced challenges tracking approvals and statuses of projects. To streamline approval processes, it built a pair of apps using the OutSystems platform in just under three months. The eAFCE (electronic Authorisation For Capital Expenditure) and Project Status Reporting System apps have shortened approval cycles, created a clear audit trail for approvals and established a central repository of critical supplementary documents. They shortened an approval process from weeks or months to the point where more than half of the requests were approved in a week and a fifth were done in a day.

Process Innovation Award

In four months, created web app to plan, track and control IT projects, enabling greater visibility into ongoing initiatives.

Financial loan service company Credibom was looking for more visibility into IT projects it was undertaking – costs, statuses and possible deviations – and better process for approving the tasks. It found a solution using the OutSystems low-code platform. In just four months, a three-developer team completed a pair of apps addressing each of these challenges, enabling the administration to streamline workflows and prioritize projects.

Scalability Award

Built customer portal that scales with the business, now accommodating up to 1,300 users

Prio Energy needed a customer portal that not only managed transactions but was able to scale with the fast-growing business. Using the OutSystems platform, a three-developer team built a portal in less than half the time projected for traditional development methods, adding improved communication functionality and modules for sales, distribution and logistics. The new portal accommodates 1,300 regular users.

Speed And Transformation Award

Delivered new online patient portal in just three months, serving six times more patients and controlling costs without increasing back-office staff.

Healthcare operator NHS set aggressive targets for the expansion of its online patient portal: Start a new nationwide service in three months that targets six times more patients, controls costs and doesn’t increase back-office staff. Leveraging the OutSystems low-code platform, development partner Truewind built the system on time and on budget. The new booking app now covers 50,000 potential patients, giving patients control over the scheduling process and giving the admin staff more time for direct patient contact.

Time To Value Award

Shortened delivery of new trader platform from five years to six months, centralizing information and cutting transaction costs.

NovaCâmbios needed to upgrade an app for exchanges and transfers that integrated poorly with existing systems and didn’t align well with the financial services firm’s business strategy. A development team used the OutSystems platform to create a new app in just six months – a tenth of the development time it took to build the old system. LOB leaders say the new app is accomplishing NovaCambios’ goals of centralizing information, simplifying users’ work and cutting transactional costs.

User Experience Award

Built new litigation app and customer portal to scale with business, increasing customer satisfaction and improving process management efficiency.

Law firm Abreu Advogados’ identified its litigation app as a critical obstable to the future growth of the firm as a whole. The app, architected on Lotus Notes, was maxing out in the number of users, transactions and business information it could handle. Users were also dissatisfied with its functionality. Leveraging the OutSystems low-code platform, a three-person development team built a Codex app and a corresponding customer portal that will scale with the business. The firm reports an uptick in customer satisfaction, improved process management efficiency and success in acquiring business in new markets.

Most Innovative App Award

Used OutSystems to develop core aspects of 'VR Insight' tool used to interpret viewers' emotional responses to video content.

Film production company AOI Pro. developed a ground-breaking service called “VR Insight,” which interprets viewers’ emotional responses to video content based on VR and sensing data from eye tracking, and electroencephalogram and electrocardiogram scans. To refine the service, AOI Pro. used the OutSystems platform for several key facets including a questionnaire application and a dashboard to aggregate and display the collected data. The use of OutSystems generated immediate ROI. From a two-month, quick-turnaround project, AOI Pro. cut the lead time to submit reports from five days to one; and shortened the time to investigate an audience for 60 minutes to 25.

2016 Winners

Collaboration Award

The Central Line - A brand new collaborative portal saves physicians time and the company money.

When US Acute Care Solutions wanted to replace its legacy portal for physicians it looked to OutSystems for help creating a solution that supported much greater collaboration. Five months later, the company had a new, collaborative portal that helped the physicians complete much of their work outside of the emergency room. Not only that, the new portal is saving the company over a million dollars annually the organization rapidly expands through organic growth and acquisition.

Integration with Speed Award

NPI Command Center - Integrations abound with Logitech’s NPI Command Center.

Logitech uses OutSystems to build new apps to help it quickly deliver new products to market. One example of such an app is the NPI Command Center, which offers a centralized and unique view over the entire operation of developing and delivering a new product to the market. It includes a collaboration and communication tool with unification of best practices and reporting. Importantly, not only was it ready to go live in just two weeks, today it also integrates with six different systems.

Legacy Replacement Award

Sistema de Operaciones Estafeta (SOE) - A legacy system was replaced with a new mobile application, increasing visibility and operational efficiency.

When Estafeta needed to completely overhaul the system it used to track its shipments, it turned to OutSystems for help. Using the OutSystems low-code platform, the company was able to build a new operating system that consolidated its legacy applications, standardized its processes, and introduced a variety of new features. The result was greater visibility, better user experiences, and significant cost savings.

Market Innovation Award

Field Inventory Tracker - Better inventory management leads to faster, more effective responses during disasters.

When Americares needed new pharmaceutical inventory and distribution tracking systems to better respond to emergencies and improve supply chain management, it partnered with   OutSystems. The foundation was quickly able to replace its error prone legacy system with a new Field Inventory Tracker application. The new app is a flexible, intuitive, and robust system that allows AmeriCares to easily and accurately receive, manage, ship, and report on its products. As a result, Americares is better positioned to respond to emergency disasters and to measure the impact it’s having on saving lives using the donated medicines it receives.

ROI Award

Strategic Platform for Enterprise Application Challenges - Building four applications on OutSystems saved CP Kelco millions of dollars.

CP Kelco needed an integrated development platform to quickly build a variety of applications across its organization. Using OutSystems, the company was able to build applications much more cost effectively than off-the-shelf solutions. In fact, to date  OutSystems has allowed CP Kelco to develop and deploy four applications, helping the company to avoid millions of dollars in software purchases, and maintenance and programming expenses, while also cutting development time by between 50 and 90 percent.

Scalability Award

Bridgit - Aimed at helping more high school students attend college, this software went from 2,200 to 10,500 users in just five months.

College Bound built Bridgit on OutSystems. This online, mobile-optimized software bridges the gap between college acceptance and attendance, helping to ensure that a greater number of high school students go on to attend college. The software stands out for its impressive scale up. In 2016, the tool scaled from 2,200 users to 10,500 across ten states. And it accomplished this in just five months. College Bound projects that the tool will scale to reach more than 20,000 users in 2017. Sense Corp was instrumental in designing and building this software.

Speed Award

Project “Amy” - A modern, mobile-ready maintenance management system built in less than five months.

MicroMain’s maintenance management system was built on an outdated platform and needed to be overhauled. After several failed attempts at developing the project through traditional means, MicroMain decided to partner with OutSystems and was able to deliver a beta version to its customers in less than five months. The company had a modern, mobile-ready, cloud-based solution for its customers much faster than it anticipated. DoltLean was a key development partner for this project.

Time To Value Award

eTalent Recruitment Solution - Automated eTalent solution, built in two months, allowed four HR consultants to source and vet 75,000 candidates.

Randstad Brazil needed a new eTalent recruitment solution to help it fill hundreds of temporary positions for the 2016 summer games in Rio de Janeiro. Using OutSystems, it built a solution in just two months that allowed a team of four HR consultants to source and vet 75,000 candidates, interview 7,000 of them, and ultimately fill all 1,500 open requisitions. Partner ÁgilBr helped develop the solution.

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User Experience Award

Shared User Management System (SUMS) - A new management system gives researchers easy access to hundreds of millions of dollars in facilities and equipment.

The Institute for Electronics and Nanotechnology (IEN) at Georgia Tech developed its Shared User Management System (SUMS) to help it manage the $400 million of lab equipment it has spread across numerous research buildings and multiple campuses. With OutSystems, it was able to create SUMS in just 15 weeks, transforming the way that IEN tracks and manages its lab equipment and allowing the Institute to increase the efficiency of its research while expanding access to its facilities..

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Gold Award: Market Innovation

Advanced Technology Company (ATC), Sapphire Hospital Management System - Completely paper-free, enterprise hospital management system disrupts industry.

Sapphire Hospital Management System has radically changed the way that enterprise healthcare software is built and delivered, speeding the process to weeks versus months or years. Sapphire is a complete, enterprise-grade system, built on OutSystems, that has consistently delivered high user adoption rates, reduced training needs, better patient experience, and better control of patient records and is in full deployment at healthcare organizations such as the Kuwait Ministry of Health.

Gold Award: User Experience

José de Mello Saúde, Unified Website - CUF Network Reshaped its online presence, simplifying customer interaction.

José de Mello Saúde strengthened the CUF network brand in Portugal through a unified website built on OutSystems. The website integrated 13 autonomous sites into a single experience, simplifying and accelerating the interaction of the customers with JMS health units. Rather than focusing on presenting information, the entire website was designed to meet user’s needs. Usability best practices were applied: in just three clicks, users have access to 90% of information. Truewind-Chiron was a key development partner for this project.

Gold Award: Business Transformation

Prologis, Prologis Anywhere and Mobile Maintenance Application - Mobile apps transform global workforce allowing employees to work from anywhere at anytime.

Prologis developed a large suite of applications on OutSystems with the ultimate goal of automating work processes and enabling employees around the world to work from anywhere at anytime. Two of their applications stand out due to their transformational nature, outstanding user acceptance, and documented ROI. The Prologis Mobile Maintenance Application fully automates the management of its inspections of commercial properties across the globe and Prologis Anywhere provides custom views of approved apps for each employee.

Gold Award: Overall Business Impact

Refriango, Fleet Management, Quality Control, and Action Planning - Suite of custom applications, brings full control and ROI to business processes.

Refriango has completely transformed its business processes with a suite of applications built on OutSystems. Fleet Management completely manages the entire fleet of trucks and distribution with complete integration to over seven systems including SAP and GPS. The Quality Control application has saved millions in product loses. The Industrial Action Planning application, which helps adopt a Kaizen approach, has delivered outrageous ROI in terms of business improvement metrics.  Partners Deloitte and ROFF were both instrumental in designing and building these applications.

Speed Award: Time to Value

P360 Management Solutions, Phoenix D.A.S. - Rapidly rebuilt flagship product to provide fresh, mobile-friendly user experience.

In half the expected development time, P360 rebuilt their entire flagship product, Phoenix. The system incorporates 11 individual apps that function harmoniously as an enterprise suite and incorporate built-in best practice workflows and mobile friendly screen inputs. With OutSystems, individual customizations for each client are delivered in a fraction of the time it previously took. The business has been able to scale and reach unprecedented efficiency.

ROI Award: Best Business Cost Savings

ActewAGL, Energy Productivity Support Tools - Facing drastic budget cuts, energy supplier develops business efficiency program.

When regulatory agencies cut ActewAGL’s operating expenditure by $26 million, or 30%, ActewAGL developed seven applications to support the company’s implementation of a new and leaner operating approach. With enormous cost and compliance pressures on the business, ActewAGL used OutSystems to transform their solution delivery ability and provided some quick wins to respond to rising market challenges. Partner DB Results helped develop the system.

Development Award: Best Custom Solution

Credit Solution Services, CSSThree60 Developed completely custom solution to address the unique needs of debt collection.

CSS replaced their current systems with custom applications that addressed three unique and critical business areas for the company. Faced with buying packaged software or building in house, CSS chose OutSystems in order to take advantage of the positives of developing bespoke software, while at the same time managing the risks traditionally associated with software development. They accomplished development in less than half the time of traditional coding methods.

Top Project: Best User Acceptance

Delta Cafés, Sales Information System - Application optimizes campaign planning and evaluation process, automating workload.

The Sales Information System optimizes the planning processes and evaluation of campaigns in the modern distribution channel. Eliminating silos, Delta Cafés created a central repository for easy reference and standardization of contractual and financial information. OutSystems allowed them to use their existing MS-Excel interface, along with SAP integration, thus giving users a familiar and friendly interface, which has resulted in dramatically increased productivity. Partner Truewind-Chiron helped develop the system.

Top Project: Best Process Automation

Hemobrás, Blood Centers Audit System - Gaining efficiency, agency deploys system to automate audit workflows across 120 centers.

With the Blood Centers Audit System, the entire audit process at Hemobrás was automated and streamlined, delivering increased productivity. Gains in security and uniformity of data now helps auditors prepare accurate and impartial reports. Using OutSystems provides the Hemobrás team with the ability to further develop and adapt the system as new needs arise. Partner Truewind-Chiron helped develop the system.

Top Project: Best Legacy Replacement

i60 Services, Café - Rewrote legacy insurance policy management system in half the time expected

i60 completely rewrote an aging legacy policy management system radically reinventing the products that Strategic Insurance Systems supplies. Hamstrung by brittle and disparate code, with a database design lacking congruence and integrity, innovation was critical. In half the time expected, OutSystems allowed i60 to deliver a flexible and scaleable system with lifecycle integrity that users love - making SIS unique in a highly competitive market.

2015 Winners


In just 10 weeks, Estafeta delivered MiEstafeta, a single portal for all of their applications.

Shipping company Estafeta has experienced rapid growth since opening its doors in Mexico in 1979. But as the company grew, managing the business also become more complex. For example, over the years Estafeta adopted multiple tracking systems to support different aspects of its shipping and logistics services. The problem, however, was that none of those systems were able to communicate with each other. That meant that the company had to spend hours each week manually reconciling the data — a process that simply wasn’t sustainable. Anxious to find a better solution, Estafeta turned to OutSystems for help. 

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IoT, Mobile and APIs

Application that serves as a single point of control, streamlines data collection, and incorporates mechanical operations.

As Allan Bros. can attest, you don’t have to be a software engineer to develop amazing mobile apps. The Washington State-based fruit growing, packing, and shipping company knows this first hand, having built several mobile apps that take advantage of its data to optimize its field and warehouse processes. So how did a handful of warehouse employees with knowledge of the business, but no coding experience, build a fantastic suite of apps? The secret was that they relied on OutSystems low-code platform to help them do the job. 

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Strategic Adoption of RAD Platform

Adopting OutSystems has produced gains in flexibility, agility and efficiency.

Kent State’s vision to be a community of change agents and its commitment to putting technology into action has resulted in new programs that rely on agile development and cloud-based services. Adopting OutSystems has produced gains in flexibility, agility and efficiency. Its first two apps have allowed students, faculty and administrators to securely access and process information on smart devices, as well as make requests for services. The university’s IT department can now devote more of its attention to innovation, quickly prototyping applications as well as involving students in building new apps, making the Platform both a learning and time-saving opportunity. 

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Gold Award: Business Transformation

Dubai Courts, Smart Services – Mobile app completely transforms judiciary petition process.

Dubai Courts made the strategic decision to select OutSystems Platform to expedite and simplify its litigation operations. Five FTEs over a span of 18 weeks were able to completely transform the Dubai Court's judiciary petition process. Today, citizens have access to more than 200 petition types that can be submitted, paid and decided electronically, 24x7. Moreover, Dubai's courts and related offices now have a single point of information for auditing, decision-making and the execution of judicial actions, boosting productivity, reducing paperwork and accelerating the judicial process.

Gold Award: Market Innovation

Wodify - Complete cloud-based mobile software for gym owners and their athletes.

Digitizing athletic performance tracking brought CrossFit Gyms into the 21st-century. Each day, more than 65,000 CrossFit gym members instantly access past performance and record new results via mobile devices and are adopting Wodify at a rate of 90%. Gym owners can manage billing and run their business from anywhere on any device. What started as a clever concept for a side-project has become a successful standalone business, built entirely around a set of cloud-based mobile apps. Wodify exemplifies what happens when a great idea is combined with the right people and technology.

Best Consolidation Project

Fidelidade Seguros, CISN Visão Contact Center - Forty applications consolidated into one 360-degree portal.

Fidelidade developed a transformative solution to streamline the workflow of its contact center communicators. By consolidating 40 applications into one 360º view, the contact center delivered greater service accuracy, 20% call time reduction, and reduced training time. OutSystems Platform helped Fidelidade achieve these efficiencies through easy integration with existing applications, runtime technical robustness of a complex interface, creating a new and pragmatic look and feel, and speed of development and change.

Best Database System

Ordem dos Psicologos Portugueses, SIOPP - Improved customer care for 22,000 members

OPP needed a system that would merge all operational information on its 22,000 members, allowing users from various departments to query and edit all processes in one place. Today, the systems handles upwards of 6,000 process requests annually and has given OPP new insight into opportunities for improvement, especially with respect to process optimization, risk management and security.

Best Deployment Speed

IQ Logistica, Cotton Cluster Platform – Development time cut in half and 100 percent of KPIs met.

When IQ Logistica set out to build a hosted, cloud-based platform linking South Africa's textile and apparel industry value chain, they estimated a two-year development timeframe. Using OutSystems Platform and just nine FTEs, development time was reduced by more than 50%. In the first year, the program met 100% of its KPIs and is on track to meet the following five years' KPIs.

Best Integration

Gestão de Peritagens, a Fidelidade company, GEPExpert – Six external systems integrated into one workflow.

Gestão de Peritagens (GEP) developed a software solution to support the entire lifecycle of the automobile expertise process. The system detects fraud while it manages and maintains the highest quality and reliability of the key functionalities for their business. In order to automate the entire expertise workflow process, GEP integrated six different external systems using OutSystems Platform.

Best Sales Management App

NOS, Ponte Vasco de Gama - Mobile sales app delivers complete customer focus.

From collecting customer data and needs to creating bespoke business solutions to real-time sales management monitoring, the NOS app allows sales execs to rapidly close the deal. The app is designed to decrease reliance on backend and commercial inbound resources by more than 90%. Further, it's expected global productivity will rise by 30%, and retention will see a 10% increase. OutSystems Platform allowed NOS to easily implement the guidelines provided by their UX team (HTML5, CSS3.0) and easily integrate with third-party systems, via integration middleware.

Best User Acceptance

Açoreana Seguros, NATIS Portal – Hundreds of users quickly adopt portal.

Enhancing its online strategy, Açoreana Seguros extended its services to a new company unit, which identifies possible fraud. With a clear focus on enhancing usability and maximizing productivity to ensure acceptance by all stakeholders, the project leveraged a SCRUM methodology to maintain tight collaboration between business and development teams. With rapid adoption by users, the new application processing time has dropped from five days to one day.

Best User Engagement

REST Industry Super, Member Education Hub - Transformed perception of IT, delivered results fast.

REST (Retail Employees Superannuation Trust), one of the largest funds in Australia, launched a completely new digital experience to better service its 2 million members through effective engagement and valuable transactions. Using OutSystems Platform, REST quickly delivered an engaging customer experience combined with powerful integration of backend systems. The project has transformed how IT is perceived within the organization, as they are now seen as delivering solutions of value, at great speed.

Best Web Portal

Lusitania Seguros, Agent Web Portal - Increase in ROI of 553 percent in first five months.

The implementation of a new web portal put the most frequently requested information and operational data at the fingertips of Lusitania Seguros's more than 4,500 agents. Thanks in part to a user-friendly interface, agents were able to use the portal with little to no training, which translated to increased efficiencies and almost immediate ROI. In fact, Lusitania Seguros saw a 553% increase in ROI in the first five months following the portal's launch. Designed to work across multiple devices and platforms, the portal was voted as being among the industry's best by more than 80% of agents surveyed.