Announcing OutSystems 11

With OutSystems 11, you can say goodbye to your legacy gridlock problem.
Taking our leading low-code platform for web and mobile apps to a whole new level, OutSystems 11 tackles the challenges of replacing massive systems and application portfolios.

Welcome to the End of Legacy Gridlock

Shifting the economics of buy vs. build

No matter how complicated and differentiated your systems, OutSystems 11 changes the game. Now, building your own systems for core enterprise processes that support the unique needs of your business—instead of buying and endlessly customizing an industry package—is viable and economical. 

Develop scheduled account reconciliation processes or event-based triggers for payment processing quickly and easily. Or build a process engine with thousands of business rules for handling millions of transactions—faster than you ever thought possible.

Architectural agility at scale

Rest easy. The hours of validating and fixing cross-architecture impacts on complex sets of apps or large systems are gone. In-depth impact analysis of entire systems before their release provides advance warning so builds don’t break.

You can effectively implement a full-fledged microservices architecture. Teams are more agile, safely creating and changing reusable services and applications fast and at scale.

Monitoring and troubleshooting at scale

Take the pulse of your apps and identify potential choke points and services that are down before they impact the health of your entire portfolio, SaaS and external legacy systems included.

Embedded monitoring, out-of-the-box analytics, and built-in dashboards show where or why a given app or use case is not performing as designed—or at all. 

Governance at scale

Control which of your growing teams can create and manage services and which can consume them using a full entitlement model that extends to all apps and services.

Structure your organization based on delivery streams for each business area that work in parallel. Multiple continuous delivery pipelines work independently, while still modularizing and reusing services.

Operations at scale

Take advantage of streamlined, lean operations and faster deployment with containers.

Deploy apps and services to leading container-as-a-service and platform-as-a-service providers— including Amazon ECS, Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Pivotal PAS, and on-premises Docker container environments—for increased scalability, resilience, and portability. 

Modern user experiences at scale

Deliver apps with a coordinated, modern look-and-feel that people can't wait to use. A new UI framework makes it easy to serve up experiences and scale across multiple delivery streams while ensuring brand and UX consistency.

Developers can access screen templates and patterns derived from analyzing leading business apps directly from the OutSystems visual editor and customize, extend, and reuse them as needed. 

Security without borders

Scale the security of systems and apps beyond the traditional boundaries of IT with a platform designed for security.

Automated risk assessments, granular access controls, and activity monitoring supplement manual processes and provide the necessary visibility and due-diligence required of multi-experience development platforms.

Experience the Speed