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The Alexa Project, Part 2: Get Visual and Get An Alexa Endpoint in Just 5 Minutes

I’m going to share how you can visually develop an Alexa endpoint. Not only that, but I'm going show how you can do it in just 5 minutes.

Intelligence In-Context: The Rise of Context-Aware Apps

Context-awareness enables devices to sense their physical environment and adapt their behavior accordingly. Context-aware apps exploit this in their UXs.

The Law of Conservation of Complexity: 1 Simple Rule

IT complexity will not go away. The good news is that there's a rule to help you decide what should tame yourself and what part you should let go

The Alexa Project, Part 1: Talking to Alexa

If I really wanted to get the most out of my Dot, it was time to roll up my dev sleeves and get to work. I wanted to explore Alexa integrations.

From Driving to Dating: My UX Inspirations (With Sketches)

“What app has the best UX you know of?” To answer that question, I'm going to be sharing some of the apps that I consider my UX inspirations.

FLIP Your 60 FPS Animations, FLIP ’Em Good

There are proven CSS3 guidelines for creating smooth animations constantly running at 60 FPS in the Composite layer. But things change in the Layout Layer.