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We Just Raised $360 Million From KKR and Goldman Sachs. Here’s How We’re Putting That to Work For You.

Two of the most distinguished names in the financial world just validated a vision we set in motion 17 years ago. Read all about the exciting plans we have for putting this investment to work.

From Citizen Developer to Superhero: 5 Takeaways for IT from Sci-Fi

Sci-Fi has fed our imaginations for decades with thought-provoking ideas and what-ifs. Though their focus is the future, the most popular have some very present takeaways that are applicable to both citizen and professional developers - and high productivity.

Following the Yellow Brick Road: The Promise of Low-Code for Delivering Exceptional Mobile and Multichannel Experiences

Today, most enterprise systems, programs, and applications must have multiple front-end UIs, pull data from at least one database, and even track thousands of device endpoints. Follow our yellow brick road to discover why there’s no place like low-code for building them.