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ContinuousNEXT: The Quest for Digital Dynamism in Financial Services

The message at the Gartner Symposium in Barcelona was clear: it’s time for analysts, vendors, and businesses to stop talking about the need for digital transformation. We need to move on from why to how. Garry Larner, OutSystems Regional Sales Manager in the UK and Ireland, shares his thoughts on how this message applies to financial services.

The Importance of Creating a Great Digital Experience for Employees

Your employees benefit from a consistent look-and-feel when connecting to internal services and back-office functions. Giving them them a great UX doesn't have to be a touchy matter. Find out how you can do it with an effective solution from Enterprise Touch and powered by OutSystems.

Low-Code Myths, Fears, and Realities: Scalability

As low-code goes to trial in "Low-Code vs. Scalability," another case caused by myths and fears, Nigel Warren steps up with a stirring and unshakable defense. The verdict? Find out in the article.

OutSystems Project Management: Preparing for Organizational Pull

We all may be feeling gravity's pull, but there is another pull that is almost as powerful. It happens once a company realizes how much things are going to change as a result of using OutSystems for development. Learn more about it and how to accelerate it.

Low-Code Myths, Fears, and Realities: Security

In our recent survey, 15% of IT pros not currently using low-code blamed a fear that their apps would not be secure. In his latest low-code myth busting post, Nigel Warren explains how low-code is the opposite of insecure.

Low-Code Myths, Fears, and Realities: Vendor Lock-in

What keeps companies from adopting low-code? In some cases, it's a series of fears and myths that can easily be dispelled. This article takes on the gorgon known as "vendor lock-in."