So, you’re tuned into the latest industry trends and buzz. But, do you know they apply to you and your business? Here’s the latest information on what’s hot and how it can work for you.

A Sip of Digital Transformation

To get ahead in the competitive global wine market, you can't afford sour grapes. Learn how OutSystems partner Deloitte helped European wine producer Sogrape increase its efficiency and, most importantly, the quality of its wines.

City of Oakland Transforms Digital Services for Citizens with Single Sign-on Portal

When the City of Oakland wanted to make accessing services easier for citizens, it turned to OutSystems, which previously had saved them $500,000 on an HR application. How did the new project turn out? Find out in this article and watch the video.

OutSystems Code Dojo: Winning the Black Belt of Low-Code

When Kiandra IT decided to partner with OutSystems to enhance customer’ experiences, they took a unique approach to learning the platform and built a Code Dojo. See how they used it in four intense rounds and came out winners.

L(EAP) Into App Insights at the Speed of Low-Code

How would you like to be able to identify and address opportunities and course corrections at the speed of your low-code program? OutSystems Insights can give you that power. Find out what it's all about and how customers can try it early.

The Significance of Low-Code in Accelerating Digital Transformation

OutSystems partner Tech Mahindra has been on the front line of digital transformation for quite a few years now and is well aware of the challenges involved. Find out how they are helping customers address these challenges and thrive in the digital era.

Innovation Drives Fast: Why You Should Set Up an OutSystems Practice in Your (Very) Large Organization

If you want to be in the driver's seat of innovation, you know you need to accelerate. How can very large organizations move at the pace the market demands? PwC Senior Manager Hugo Matthioli has a low-code, high-productivity answer.