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Building Deeper Connections: A Conversation with Twilio’s Corey Weathers

You might have heard about Twilio, a platform that helps unify and scale communications across the business. In the latest Decoded episode, we talked to Corey Weathers, Developer Evangelist at Twilio, to get his perspective on how this technology has become part of the communication landscape over the past decade. Listen to it now.

Adding Telemetry to Your Visual Studio Projects

It's every developer's prerogative. You hit F6 in Visual Studio and go grab a coffee. But have you ever measured how long it takes your team to build a project? Here are our tips for adding telemetry using a CI/CD system and

Build It Fast, Right, and For the Future with Integration Builder

The Integration Builder is an OutSystems tool that simplifies integrating the data sources your apps depend on. Soon to be publicly available to all OutSystems users, you can find out all about it in this blog post.