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How to Handle HTTP Status Codes When Consuming a REST API in OutSystems

Yes, there is REST error handling in OutSystems for the weary. In this post, OutSystems Solution Architect Rui Barbosa explains how to handle HTTP status codes when consuming a REST API.

Build Better, Smarter Apps With OutSystems AI Components

Would you like AI with that? In this article, learn how OutSystems is making AI accessible to more people with special components designed to make it easy to add AI to apps built with low-code.

How to Automate BDD Testing in OutSystems, Part 3: Data-Driven API Tests With the BDDFramework

Learn how to test your applications' behavior in OutSystems using the BDDFramework component. Using test scenarios that double as specifications, you can check the expected behavior of your application. In this post, we look at how to conduct data-driven testing using data from a public API.