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Creating a Data-Driven Culture with Pyze and OutSystems

We all know that data rules the world, but how can you establish a data-driven culture in your company? In this blog post, Simon Chester from Colliers, will show you how they're pioneering an analytics-driven culture by combining the speed of development of OutSystems and the analytics insights of Pyze.

Creating Delightful Apps with OutSystems

Designers often ask us: what can you build with OutSystems? And the answer is whatever you want. In this article, the OutSystems UX team will show you how the only limits of OutSystems are your imagination.

Programming Without State Chaos

In our mission to simplify the world with software, we, developers, tend to bring state along everywhere they go. So why is this a problem, and how can we manage it? Software Engineer Afonso Matos shares the answer in the first part of this series about functional programming.