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For Developers, By Developers: A Conversation with KK Kumar of GitHub

Who knows more about tooling for developers than the team at GitHub? In the latest episode of Decoded, Developer Advocate Sydney Lai talked to Keerthana “KK” Kumar, director of engineering at GitHub, about how GitHub makes its own development teams more productive. Check it out now!

How We Saved 26 Days a Year by Automating Our Releases

At OutSystems R&D, we have two release stages: Dogfooding (DF) and General Availability (GA). This is the story of how we saved 26 days a day by automating our release process. Software engineer José dos Santos fills you in on all the details.

Application Integration: The Ever-Growing Need to Integrate with Everything

Application integration is a must for every modern organization that wants a competitive edge, but it is also one of IT’s greatest challenges. Find out why integrations are more important than ever and how you can accelerate the integration process.