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A lot goes into engineering the perfect low-code development platform. Get the details firsthand from the obsessive craftsmen who do it for a living, along with tips and tricks for making your own low-code projects as smooth as butter.


Building an Ethereum Wallet with OutSystems

With a keen eye for what's buzzing and trending out there, Rui doesn't let one opportunity to tinker with cool stuff slip by. Find out how a moment of inspiration brought him to create an Ethereum Wallet that anyone can build quickly with OutSystems.

Everything’s Zen: OutSystems and Zendesk Partner for World-Class Service and Support

Without customers, there is no OutSystems. When the number of customers hit hypergrowth mode, we knew our old support ways weren't enough. In this article, we share how our partnership with Zendesk and some clever customization enable us to offer world-class service.

The User is in the Building: User Research for Enterprise Apps

A good UX designer knows that creating an app people can't wait to adopt takes more than a brilliant design and time at the artboard. Find out what can inspire screens that illustrate a better workflow and make things smoother for everyone.